Some goodies to ring in the holiday season

When we started The Sandbox 5 months ago, we had NO idea it’d turn out like it did.

We’ve had more than 1,000 registrants tune in one way or another across 12 live events featuring 25 brilliant guests, dozens of game-changing organizations (MIT, Suzy, Tetra, Marvin,, AlleyCorp, Meetup, and more!), and extremely timely topics.

So our gift to you with all the holiday travel coming up?

A highlight reel of some of the most-loved resources we shared throughout the season!

   5. AlleyCorp’s framework for identifying & incubating business opportunities 
   4. Infographic with top tips for asking better questions & getting more out of LLMs
   3. The 5 Bs of AI Adoption 
   2. 10 key shifts to stop the tactical research and build a strategic insights engine
   1. …we’ll wait until the holiday season is officially underway to share #1 😉
In the meantime, you can always listen back to any episodes you missed here.

Stay curious,