The OpenAI saga? We saw it coming

So much for an easy holiday week.

In just days: 

👉 OpenAI’s board fired CEO Sam Altman…
👉 So President Greg Brockman resigned
👉 So Microsoft hired them both to lead a new AI group
👉 Which inspired nearly all of OpenAI’s employees to threaten to quit if Sam doesn’t return…
👉 Which has many speculating that this shift in strategy, mission, and leadership marks the beginning of the end for OpenAI as the world leader in commercial LLMs…
👉 Which has countless companies, tools, and developers that spent the last year building on ChatGPT scrambling to figure out a Plan B if the biggest LLM goes down

So you might be wondering:

How reliant are Wonder’s models and systems on GPT? 

And if new leaders emerge in the space, what does that mean for the speed, quality, and cost-efficiency of the answers and research you’ve come to expect?

Well, let’s just say our brilliant product and engineering team have been doing less of this 👇…

…and more of this👇 as this saga unfolds.


Because at Wonder, we knew we’re only in the first inning of AI.

Like any winning investment portfolio, we bet that long-term growth wouldn’t come without a healthy dose of short-term volatility.

So we architected our system with this bet in mind.

💪 We built our AI systems with a toggle that allows us to switch to whichever LLM and prompts perform best for the objective at hand. 

💪 And we incorporated a human-in-the-loop layer to deliver insights enterprises could always rely on – better, faster, and cheaper, regardless of external conditions.

This means we can bring the best of ALL the LLMs to our customers, without the risk of over-relying on any single one.

And should one crash or dissolve, we’re already fluent in and built for all the others.

Our loyalty is to our customers, not to an LLM.

Want to learn more about how we did it, how to think about diversifying your LLM savvy, or Wonder? 

Grab some time with our AI experts here!