What are the top products in the 3-7 year old education hardware and software market in the US?

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What are the top products in the 3-7 year old education hardware and software market in the US?

Eliminating desktops and laptops since that information is not specific and therefore not beneficial, the most popular educational software for children ages 3-7 includes Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose, Starfall ABCs, and the Endless series (Endless Reader, Endless Alphabet, and Endless Numbers). The most popular educational hardware includes Amazon Fire Kids Edition, Samsung Galaxy Tab, LeapFrog LeapPad, and Leapfrog Epic.


Top 10 Software for children 3-7

According to Common Sense Media, kindergarten teachers rate Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose as the top educational software for children 3-7. This software teaches children to count and basic addition. It will also help them achieve a basic grasp of numbers and learn to carry out basic instructions. The goal of the game is to help the moose build a town and the directions are given verbally so no literacy skills are required. It may not be challenging for older kindergartners.

Starfall ABCs is another popular educational software for this age group. It introduces the alphabet in a variety of entertaining ways and helps children learn to read. This software also begins using words in a sentence. Like Moose Math, it may be too basic for older kindergarteners. There is a more extensive curriculum that can be purchased and is used by many homeschool parents, but the app is useful by itself as well.

Thinking Time Pro - Cognitive Skills for Early Learning is another popular software. As the title states, this software teaches cognitive skills and focuses on attention to detail and ability to obey instructions. The purpose of the game often changes partway through, for example, sorting by shape and then by color, to stretch young minds. Due to minimal instructions at times, some children may require some assistance to complete the games.

Toca Tea Party is another software many people find useful. This software also focuses on listening to instructions, but the main emphasis is friendship and community. Toca Tea Party is a virtual tea party that children can have with other children or computer generated friends to learn about manners and sharing. They may lose interest fairly quickly since it doesn't have much variety.

Another popular software is Touch and Learn - Emotions. Reading emotions is the main goal of this software. It helps children to learn how a person's appearance can give clues to their emotions. Empathy is also emphasized. Although it is useful for children to explore this software, it does not take the place of socializing with other people.

According to Parents Magazine, the 6th most popular educational software for 3-7 year old children is Fish School HD. This software teaches colors, shapes, letters, and numbers in a fun fish game. It also won the Parents' Choice Gold Award and a Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award.

Endless Alphabet is also popular. This software features mini games designed to teach children about letters, phonics, and words. In order to access the full version, there is a charge. Children can work at their own pace in this game, which can help reduce any pressure they are feeling. Each word also features a short cartoon to help children learn the definition.

Endless Reader is from the same creators as Endless Alphabet, but goes a step further. The goal of this software is to help new readers learn sight words, especially those that do not follow typical phonics rules. As with Endless Alphabet, there is a charge for the full version.

Endless Numbers is from the same series as Endless Alphabet and Endless Readers. The software encourages number recognition, order and relationships. Like the others in the Endless series, there is a charge for this software. The monsters will keep children entertained.

According to Early Childhood Education Zone, the 10th most popular software is Team Umizoomi - Zoom Into Numbers. The software teaches mathematical skills including counting, shapes, and colors. There are different levels to keep challenging children as they get older. There is a small charge for the software.

Top 4 educational hardware products for children 3-7

According to Digital Trends and Reviewed, Amazon Fire Kids Edition is the top pick for a tablet because it is durable and features a 2-year free replacement plan. It is reasonably priced, safe and fun, and includes 1 year of Amazon Free Time Unlimited with content in a variety of areas. Reviewed goes even further and says none of the other tablets even compare to Amazon Fire Kids Edition. Purchasing a cheap tablet may end up costing more in the long run, since you will have to purchase content. It is recommended for younger children, but older children will probably not enjoy it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is made for kids because it is durable, easy to use, and pre-loaded with fun, age-appropriate apps. Parents can also control what their children can access. Samsung Galaxy Tab E-Lite Kids Edition is essentially the same, but also comes with a 3-month subscription to Samsung Kids with content from Dreamworks, Sesame Street, and so on.

Amazon lists LeapFrog LeapPad as one of their most popular pieces of hardware for this age group. This tablet is loaded with over 1,000 educational games and children can only access pre-approved online content. Parents can also monitor and control children's access.

Leapfrog Epic is also a popular device. It may be the only device that can almost stand up to the Amazon Fire. Leapfrog Epic features pre-loaded with content, sturdy construction, and an abundance of parental controls. It is also intuitive and the content actually changes, depending on the child's development. This device is made for children 3-9, but probably would be most enjoyable for the younger end of that range.

Software and hardware for children age 3-7 is abundant. The most popular software for 3-7 year old children is Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose, Starfall ABCs, and the Endless series (Endless Reader, Endless Alphabet, and Endless Numbers). The most popular hardware for the same age group is Amazon Fire Kids Edition, Samsung Galaxy Tab, LeapFrog LeapPad, and Leapfrog Epic.

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