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Top Podcasts About Transportation, Part 1

Though there was insufficient information about the number of subscribers/listeners about trucking/transportation podcasts (explained below), we were able to compile a list of 25 top podcasts about trucking/transportation. The requested information about the podcasts that we identified is included in the attached spreadsheet. Below is an explanation of our research methodology and the list of podcasts that we found.


We began our research by looking for the top podcasts about trucking/transportation as determined by the number of subscribers/listeners. However, there was insufficient information about the number of subscribers/listeners to base these rankings on. We implemented three research strategies in looking for the number of subscribers/listeners before determining that we could not find such information. First, we looked within pre-compiled databases of the top trucking/transportation podcasts, such as PlayerFM. However, those databases only provided the number of subscribers/listeners for a few of the podcasts, so there was not sufficient information to create a top 25 list based on size of the listening audience. Second, we looked for articles to see if any had listed trucking/transportation podcasts along with information about listening audience size. While we found a few articles from sources such as HaulHound, the number of listeners/subscribers was not provided.

For our third strategy, we checked both the Apple Podcast Store and Android Podcast Store to see if either provided lists of the top trucking/transportation podcasts, but both required specific app downloads to even access those stores before even searching to see if any such information exists. Thus, that strategy did not yield the results that we were looking for. As a result, we determined the top podcasts about trucking/transportation by finding podcasts listed among the "best" podcasts for those industries from credible podcast sources such as PlayerFM. We chose that metric because it was the next-best option for determining the top podcasts about trucking/transportation outside of the number of subscribers/listeners, which was not available. Lastly, some of the podcast hosts did not have Linkedin accounts, so we entered N/A for those individuals in the spreadsheet.


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Top Podcasts About Transportation, Part 2

On the attached spreadsheet, rows 28-37 are examples of top podcasts about trucking and are the business of transportation. Top examples in trucking include Trucker Dump, Trucking Podcast, America's Truckin's Network, Ask the Trucker, and Red Eye Radio.

Likewise, the top five examples of podcasts about the business of transportation include Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez; Straight Talk with supply chain Insights; Supply Chain Brain; Supply Chain and Logistic Management; and Inbound Logistics Podcast. Presented below is a detailed methodology providing details of the search approaches that led to the retrieval of the examples of podcasts about trucking and the business of transport.


We began our search by first examining information regarding the top podcasts about trucking and the business of transportation. Our focus aimed at uncovering examples of podcasts in the selected domain based on the number of subscribers or followers they attract. Unfortunately, we could not find reports providing top podcasts based on their subscribers or followers.

We sought to uncover the details from credible sources including news journals, research articles such as ScienceDirect and FactsandDetails; however, none featured data on subscribers or followers. Prevalent data on the subject across the web revolves around addressing the supply chain and logistics segment. Additionally, most datasets discovered were either about trucking or the business of transportation in general. On that note, no accurate data was available to ascertain the top podcasts on either segment.

Next, we expanded our focus to include data on the total number of downloads of podcasts about trucking and the business of transportation aiming to arrive at an estimate of the most downloaded podcast, which we would assume to infer to be the most popular as well. We searched through business and industries’ databases such as Statista, Forrester Research, Hoover, Gartner, IDC, and IndexBox but none featured details on the number of downloads of these podcasts. Information found regarded irrelevant statistics such as the percentage of the U.S. population that is familiar with the term ‘Podcast.’

Having failed to uncover any details on the total number of downloads or subscriber of each podcast, we concluded that the information could be missing in public, has not been published for the public, or current searches are approaching the matter from a different angle that does not involve user metrics regarding podcasts.

Fourth, we continued to search for examples of podcasts about trucking and the business of transportation by examining the media handles of the podcasts. We searched through their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles; however, we discovered that no podcast owns an official media handle. The media handles we found are primarily made by fans along with duplicate accounts; thus, we could not consider them.

Overall, we proceeded to find top Podcasts about trucking and business transportation by searching for those examples in top articles and reports published by websites like EZ Invoice Factoring, TAFS Web Portal, TCI Business Capital, Kabbage, and North Dixie Truck. These websites featured lists of examples of top podcasts about trucking and the business of transportation. On that note, we devised an assessment tool that evaluated each podcast based on the frequency of mentions across many reports. The most popular podcasts across the different reports we examined were then selected and compiled into the attached spreadsheet.

Unluckily, for most podcasts, we could not find the LinkedIn account linked to their hosts; thus, we mentioned either their Twitter handle or the official Facebook page (whichever was available). For business transportation podcasts, we included examples from segments ranging from rail, sea, or freight despite all podcasts focusing on logistics and supply chain.


  • Trucker Dump
Trucker Dump offers insights into truck drivers with a humorous take on life on the road. Common topics covered include regulations, safety, driver etiquette, and apps.

  • Trucking Podcast
Trucking Podcast covers many topics from anything automotive to information regarding navigating the trucking career effectively. The podcast is considered as one of the best trucking podcast.

  • America's Trucking Network
America's Trucking Network is said to be a top source of credible information on trucking. The podcast is heard during the night on 700WLW from around 12am to 5am and anytime on iHeartRadio.

  • Ask The Trucker
Ask The Trucker provides valuable insights into truck drivers’ health, regulations, and financial advice and is hosted by Allen Smith.

  • Red Eye Radio
Red Eye Radio offers content, which is targeted towards long haul truckers and is considered as one of the best podcast for truckers.


  • Talking Logistic With Adrian Gonzalez
Talking Logistic with Adrian Gonzalez is an online video talk show and blog with interviews involving industry thought leaders and newsmakers. Adrian Gonzales hosts the podcast.

  • Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights
Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights feature executives and experts offering their views and opinions regarding logistics and supply chain insights. Most of these podcasts primarily involve executives and experts sharing both industry and personal view and insights into their logistics companies.

  • Supply Chain Brain
Supply Chain Brain podcast features in-depth conversations involving top industry practitioners, academicians, and logistics and supply consultants. These professionals come from different facets of the larger logistics and supply chain ecosystem and international trade.

  • Supply Chain And Logistic Management
Supply Chain and Logistic Management podcast covers many topics including logistics, supply chain management, trucking, and transportation management. The podcast is hosted by Cranfield University School of Management in Cranfield.

  • Inbound Logistics Podcast
Inbound Logistics Podcast is a unique special guest podcast where the guests present their views on topics like logistics, supply chain, cargo, freight, transportation, and education.

All details and relevant findings are included in the attached spreadsheet row 28 – 37, columns A — E.

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