Scheduling Optimization Software Market

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Scheduling Optimization Software Key Players

Key players in the scheduling optimization software market for higher education industry include Mimosa, Adesoft and, and BEST.


  • Mimosa scheduling optimization software is one of the most versatile scheduling software globally used by schools, universities, and organizations for any scheduling task.
  • The company leverages a collection of efficient optimization algorithms behind its scheduling software technology that enables it to handle scheduling difficulties smoothly and reliably.
  • It is the preferred tool for course scheduling in thousands of schools and universities around the world and is widely used in many other business contexts, from the scheduling of internal meetings and training courses right up to the planning of large international conferences and music festivals.
  • The various types of scheduling optimization services offered by the software to the higher education industry include class-teacher scheduling, course scheduling, student scheduling (student sectioning), and teachers assignment scheduling and classroom assignment scheduling.
  • The software helps in course scheduling optimization by stipulating the day and time for each section of each course. It assists in creating a course timetable that minimizes the number of gaps in student timetables while taking into consideration the availability of teachers, as well as rooms and the use of special equipment.
  • Student scheduling (student sectioning) services offered by the software helps in optimizing the scheduling of students that should be placed in each section to minimize student conflicts arising from the students in different sections opting for the same course and balance section sizes.
  • Teachers assignment scheduling services help in the optimal assignment of courses to the teachers, making sure that they are satisfied with the results and all the required courses are covered, and conflicts are avoided.
  • Mimosa caters for all kinds of schools, universities, and businesses in over 80 countries globally and on all continents with over 7,000 institutions and businesses using the same.
  • The company caters for a wide range of educational institutions ranging from adult education centers, universities, veterinary schools, vocational schools, vocational universities, business schools, charter schools to high schools, kindergarten, military institutions, and more.
  • Some of the 80 countries served include Albania, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Barbados, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Zambia, and more.


  • Adesoft provides its scheduling optimization software solutions for the higher education industry under the name 'Ade Campus,' with its technology specially dedicated to higher education and research.
  • The scheduling optimization services offered by the software include design and management of quality and balanced timetables, classrooms optimization by hiring out unoccupied classrooms, simulation and scheduling of training courses, optimizing human and equipment teaching constraints like alternating courses, student and teaching staff availability, and optimizing student attendance solutions.
  • The services provided by Adesoft's scheduling optimization software averts time wastage in the design and organization of balanced and coherent timetables, issues in incorporating last minute changes briskly, a large but unoptimized number of classrooms and hassles in optimizing last minute delivery of information to student, staff, and teams.
  • 'Ade Campus' integrates into the everyday tools like the intranet, portal, MS Excel, MS Word, and more, and can be leveraged across multi-OS solutions like Windows, and Linux. It can be interfaced with other solutions like API, and web services and can be integrated into the Information System like LDAP, SSO, and SAML2.


  • BEST provides its scheduling optimization software solutions for the higher education industry under the name 'Bullet Education Suite' across Europe and the United States.
  • The company's 'Bullet Education Suite' is an automatic scheduling optimization software primarily designed for higher education institutions to provide them with a set of software solutions tailored to overcome the complexity of timetabling processes.
  • The software solution helps institutions optimize their time table scheduling and truncate 55 hours up to 90% of the time spent on creating and managing timetables with time on elaboration on timetables being reduced from 55 hours to 10 hours using BEST's software solution.
  • BEST also offers 'Bullet Exam Planner' software solution that helps institutions automate and optimize their examination scheduling by easily accommodating all the academic staff and students to their corresponding activities and ensuring a balance between students, supervisors, and classroom distribution during examinations.
  • The Company's 'Bullet Classroom Allocator' software solution automates and optimizes the allocation of classrooms by making the most of the available classrooms in a cost-effective manner, guaranteeing a maximized classroom usage.
  • 'Bullet Calendar' is another scheduling optimization software tool by BEST with an integrated decision support system. The same guides an institution through the daily management of its activities and events and also works as an academic schedule that controls the occupation of all resources such as academic staff, classes, and classrooms.
  • BEST's scheduling optimization software services have been used to manage over 200,000 students, teachers, and staff across 150 institutions and six countries.
  • Apart from the focus on the education industry, the company's scheduling optimization software solutions are used by a variety of other industries such as healthcare, tourism, and leisure, production, logistics, transportation, retail, security, sports, and services, among others.
  • BEST provides its services across Europe and the United States with key locations in Portugal, SanFrancisco, Boston, and Berlin. The company's headquarters are based in Portugal.


The research team began by exploring various industry reports such as Grandview Research, Market Radar, Business Wire, Market Watch, and Forrester, media articles from Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, Live Mint, and Reuters, and third party websites such as G2 crowd, and Capterra. During the research, we did not come across any pre-compiled list of any key players in the scheduling optimization software market. However, through the various articles that we found, we learned that such software are primarily used for class-teacher scheduling, course scheduling, student scheduling, timetable scheduling, among others, within the higher education industry.

We also tried to check for any surveys from sources like Pew Research and Deloitte, and technical blogs for any list of top/best/mostly used scheduling optimization software in the higher education industry but no such pre-compiled list could be located.

Lastly, we went through the websites and reports of some of the leading higher education universities such as MIT, California Institute of Technology, and University of Oxford to check if they have mentioned any use of the scheduling optimization software from where we could create a list of key players based on the fact that they are serving the top institutions globally. However, again, no such information could be garnered. Hence, we veered our research strategy to look for individual key players operating in the market and tried to garner information around their users, services provided, and geographical reach.

We have selected the key players as those who have global operations, are most used by a variety of higher education institutions, have services focused on higher education institutions and are providing an array of services within the scheduling optimization market for higher education. These services include time table and student scheduling. We have then ranked them based on the number of institutions catered by them, which gives an insight into 'most commonly used.'

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