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Riverbed's Digital Experience Management (APM/NPM)

Riverbed's APM tool incorporates artificial intelligence into APM big data to effectively serve the dynamics of containers and microservices, giving their clients all the data they need to solve complex application performance problems. Their NPM solution also integrates with their application performance monitoring solution and end-user experience to help clients understand how their network performance impacts their business. AppDynamics' APM tool has deep, automatic, code-level diagnostic capabilities that help to identify the root causes down to the individual line of code while their network visibility tool helps their customers to monitor the health of their network by automatically discovering applications and network topologies and interdependencies.


  • Riverbed is an American information technology company that offers hardware and software products that help their clients boost their digital performance.
  • Their Digital Perfomance Platform helps their clients to "transform the way customers run the powerful network- and cloud-based apps that connect people, businesses, and experiences in our digital world"


  • According to Riverbed, traditional Application Management tools cannot effectively identify and resolve performance problems in modern application environments.
  • That's why the Riverbed Application Perfomance Management tool merges end-user experience with APM to focus on what matters most to the client.
  • Their APM tool incorporates artificial intelligence into APM big data to effectively serve the dynamics of containers and microservices, giving their clients all the data they need to solve complex application performance problems.
  • The Riverbed APM tool captures "every transaction from every user and every device" to help their customers identify the root cause of the application performance issues and fix them.




  • Dynatrace's APM tool employs artificial intelligence to analyze a number of dependencies and help customers to identify the problem, its impact to the business and its root cause.
  • Dynatrace's APM tool can perform automatic discovery, mapping, and monitoring of every component of the stack.
  • Their tool also has a broad coverage "of any monitoring solution, including languages supported, application architectures, cloud, on-premise or hybrid, enterprise apps, SaaS monitoring, and more.
  • According to Dynatrace, their Network Performa Monitoring tool gives their customers insights into the performance and quality of all network processes in their environments.
  • The NPM tool also help customers to understand "which of their services and processes suffer from network connection problems and enable your DevOps to improve the connections between vital infrastructure components."
  • Dynatrace's NPM tool gives their customers a comprehensive overview of their virtualized network infrastructure, making them aware of the status of their VMs, ESXi hosts, and cloud instances.

new relic

  • New Relic has a single cloud-based screen that helps their clients automatic instrumentation in the seven programming languages offering them insights into any application environment.
  • New Relic's APM tool has in-depth transaction details that help their clients to find and fix application problems speedily.
  • The tool has a distributed tracing that "lets you trace the path of a single request from end-to-end in a complex system. You can track the entire chain through every service and dependency, all the way through to the database, and know which step in the path is creating a bottleneck or causing an error."
  • New Relic has a Network Performance Monitoring tool, called Infrastructure, that combines with their APN solution to give customers a comprehensive view of the health and performance of their networks, servers, applications, and services.
  • According to New Relic, their "dynamic infrastructure and sever monitoring platform" helps customers to monitor and manage the health of their tools in real time.

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  • "Point tools that use only SNMP polling, flow, or packet capture do not provide the breadth and depth needed to diagnose complex problems. Riverbed’s network performance monitoring (NPM) solution integrates these capabilities so that you gain an enterprise network view of performance in hybrid cloud environments. It also integrates with end-user experience and application performance monitoring so that you can understand the impact of network performance on critical business initiatives."
  • "Using Riverbed’s NPM solution, you remove performance blind spots so you can determine what’s causing your cloud problems, reduce latency in critical business initiatives, and identify the application and network issues that are driving cloud costs."
  • " Using Riverbed’s NPM solution you can analyze the full application stack from packets to pages in real time and pivot/drill down from flows to packet analysis in hybrid environments. "
  • "Riverbed’s NPM solution helps you identify abnormal changes as soon as they occur using automated discovery and dependency mapping, real-time analytics and baselining, and a unified console for network and application performance monitoring. Unlike other NPM solutions, you can view all transactions at once to reveal patterns that are typically hidden by traditional charts that “average out” spikes."
  • "By visualizing performance trends across your network and applications, you can automatically diagnose network and application performance bottlenecks, validate network readiness by conducting “what if” analysis, and even understand the impact of WAN optimization prior to deployment"
  • "Riverbed meets the needs of modern applications with solutions that merge end-user experience management with APM to focus on what matters most: your customers, partners, and employees. We support the dynamic monitoring needs of containers and microservices by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to APM big data so you have all the data at your fingertips to find and fix complex problems quickly. "
  • "With Riverbed’s APM solution, you can use big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). Our architecture scales to support petabytes of performance data so you can collect and analyze all your data rather than relying on data sampling."
  • "With Riverbed, you can quickly detect code-level issues and ensure apps are release ready using end-user experience monitoring. Containerized apps can be dynamically instrumented to ensure the performance of containers and microservices. Best of all, you can gain insight into top or low performing features to better align DevOps efforts with business priorities. "
  • "We integrate end-user experience monitoring with our APM solution so you can automatically baseline performance, discover patterns, and detect anomalies before the business is impacted. We quantify the potential financial impact of performance problems so you can prioritize your efforts more effectively and ultimately improve business outcomes."
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  • "Let our Application Performance Management (APM) solution monitor your apps and give you the power to ensure flawless customer experiences. Complex distributed applications demand end-to-end management."
  • "Our APM solution delivers application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnostics."
  • "AppDynamics APM tool automatically discovers, maps, and visualizes your critical customer journeys through each application service and infrastructure dependency. Teams have a single source of truth to focus on end-to-end performance in the context of the customer experience, instead of monitoring individual services."
  • "AppDynamics provides a significant amount of detail to solve performance problems by using APM Tools and an analytics-driven approach. The agents are extremely intelligent and know when to capture important details and when to simple collect the basics, and this is for every transaction."
  • "Our Application Performance Management solution baselines, monitors and reports on the performance of all transactions that flow through your app. Our APM solution was built for production environments, which provides an agile approach when it comes to capturing the details of transactions. Automatically determine normal performance and stop false alarms with dynamic baselining for end-to-end response time"
  • "We score all of the transactions by doing a comparison of the self-learned baseline to the actual response time. When we determine that a Business Transaction has gone too far from its normal behavior, our agent can automatically collect full call stack details in order to troubleshooting the issue. This smart-analytics method enables AppDynamics to find and alert problems from the very beginning, so that they can be fixed before any major impact occurs."
  • " We have a feature that enables full system-wide data recording. Developer mode is ideal for pre-production environments and every single request will be captured through a transaction snapshot. Also, it will shut down automatically when it is accidently left on, so that your system won't stall if transaction volume rises."
  • "No more digging through code, log files and server metrics. Dynatrace AI analyzes billions of dependencies to give you simple answers – what is the problem, what is the business impact, and what is the root cause."
  • "Dynatrace automatically discovers, maps and monitors every component of the full stack, from the application, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users."
  • "Dynatrace has the broadest coverage of any monitoring solution, including languages supported, application architectures, cloud, on-premise or hybrid, enterprise apps, SaaS monitoring, and more."
  • "Dynatrace automatically discovers and monitors dynamic microservices running inside containers. See how they're performing, how they communicate with each other and immediately detect poorly performing microservices."
  • "Dynatrace tracks every build moving through your delivery pipeline, every operations deployment, all user behavior, and the impact on your supporting infrastructure. So you can push new code into production reliably and quickly."
  • "But we don't stop there—only Dynatrace can go the extra mile and give you detailed metrics about process-to-process communications"
  • "Dynatrace reveals the quality and performance of all network connections between processes in your environment—including processes distributed across virtualized cloud environments and datacenters."
  • "Dynatrace provides a clear picture of all inbound and outbound process connections over your network interfaces (both physical and virtual)."
  • "Dynatrace gives you a comprehensive overview of your virtualized network infrastructure. You always know the status of your VMs, ESXi hosts, and cloud instances. Dynatrace recognizes changes within your infrastructure, and automatically monitors new machines and network interfaces."
  • "Dynatrace monitors your network traffic on both the host and process level. See which processes consume the most network bandwidth and have connection problems. Gain insights for capacity planning. Resource-intensive processes are easily identified."
  • "Dynatrace shows you integrated network health metrics along with all other key machine resource metrics. You see actual data throughput and quality of network connections between communicating hosts and processes. Gain a clear picture of the metrics that really matter: CPU, memory, disk, and network health. All key machine resource metrics are displayed in a single view."
  • "No matter where your applications run, our cloud-based platform lets you understand them all from a single screen. Auto-instrumentation for the an industry-leading seven programming languages means you can know what’s happening in any application environment. Quickly find root causes and fix issues fast, thanks to in-depth transaction details that show exact method calls with line numbers, including external dependencies for apps of any size and complexity."
  • "When you combine New Relic APM with New Relic Insights, you can quickly isolate, collaborate, and escalate what’s most important to you and your business. Stay informed with dashboards fed by incredibly fast queries from raw application performance data. From accelerating cloud adoption to synchronizing DevOps teams, executives and leaders can prioritize business decisions informed by real-time data"
  • "Distributed tracing lets you trace the path of a single request from end-to-end in a complex system. You can track the entire chain through every service and dependency, all the way through to the database, and know which step in the path is creating a bottleneck or causing an error."
  • "When you combine New Relic APM and New Relic Infrastructure monitoring, you can do DevOps right and be sure you’re getting the most out of your cloud initiatives. You’ll be able to quickly and easily track changes with a comprehensive view of your servers and hosts as well as the applications and services they depend on"
  • "Traditional server monitoring tools aren’t built for modern architectures. With our dynamic infrastructure and server monitoring platform, you can easily manage the health of all your modern systems and services in real time. "
  • "Know whether or not application performance is being impacted by the network."
  • "Auto-discover application and network topology and interdependencies, including reverse proxy load balancers. Does not require network taps or help by networking teams to install and operate. Agnostic to underlying infrastructure across clouds and on-premises"
  • "Detect network performance issues before they impact application performance: Enable IT operations to triage and escalate issues to the right network team, pinpoint increased network latency, congestion, or micro-bursts. Eliminate expensive packet capture/analysis appliances and associated SPAN/TAP hardware. Track network KPIs including throughput, packet loss, and RT rates"
  • "That’s why Riverbed provides a fully unified and integrated platform that eliminates tradeoffs and helps customers rethink possible. We help enhance digital performance across every aspect of a customer’s business—whether that’s gaining insight into new customers and industries, improving time to market, increasing productivity, or simply delivering fast, secure digital experiences today’s users demand."