Real-Time Viewing API Platforms - Case Studies

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Real-Time Viewing API Platforms Use Case

Voxeet offers real-time video and audio APIs in industry such as SaaS collaboration. On the other hand, Wowza help clients in using their own APIs on live streaming platform.


  • Voxeet is a leading real-time collaboration platform offering secured and "crystal clear 3D surround-sound, audio, and video experience". It was given the title 'Gartner Cool Vendor' in 2016 and 'Hot Vendor' in 2017.
  • The company products are SDK for embedded communication, SDK for broadcasting, Voxeet UX Toolkit, and 3D immersive sound. Their API offering also includes messaging, call recording, translation, broadcasting, and many more.
  • USE CASE: SaaS collaboration industry.
  • One2Team, one of Voxeet clients, is a company based in Paris offering "all-in-one collaboration solution" for business and project management that will enable their customers to convene and track each other’s work for smooth collaboration.
  • However, One2Team customers were struggling with connecting in real-time and resorted to third-party apps for group calls and video conferences.
  • Thus, One2Team asked for Voxeet’s help to have an in-app video and sound quality that will make them a one-stop shop for team collaboration and standout from its competitors.
  • Voxeet provides an in-app sound and video quality that enables One2Team customer to call or video conference in real-time without the need to switch to other apps. Also, One2Team enable to offer a "screen sharing and real-time transcription".
  • API: Voxeet video and live calling API is a must for any company offering collaboration software. The APIs meet the basic requirement of component of team collaboration such as real-time connection, video and sound quality, and eliminating redundancies in a traditional meetings.
  • One2Team is closely similar to Zoom and Slack.


  • Established in 2005, Wowza offers live and on-demand streaming for any device such as phone consoles and tablets. Their initial product Wowza Media Server Pro is a software designed for live, on-demand video, audio delivery, and video/audio chat.
  • Wowza uses own APIs namely Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API and SDKs, Wowza GoCoder SDK, Wowza Player JavaScript API, Wowza Streaming Engine REST API, Wowza Streaming Engine Java API, and Wowza encoder GraphQL API.
  • USE CASE: "Mobile app for broadcasting video game streaming, premium live video content, and user-generated video streaming".
  • Tesuji Games Inc. created Vrumble, a live-streaming mobile app which incorporates "augmented reality (AR), geo-aware capabilities, and group video chat" that will enable multiple users host, participate, and broadcast a game they play.
  • Tesuji is looking for API providers using low-latency streaming for interactive video that has the ability to establish a mixed-reality social community. Wowza used GoCoder SDK that builds Vrumble infrastructure using Ultra Low Latency API that enable users to "overlay custom video and audio frames on top of the main live stream".
  • The goal of Tesuji is to use a multi-party video-chat capability in Vrumble.
  • API: Wowza GoCoder SDK and Wowza Streaming Cloud with Ultra Low Latency made it possible to create an environment which connects people through game.
  • Vrumble is similar to Twitch.


  • There are lots of opportunities for real-time viewing APIs that can be used in different industries and sectors. A report shows how WebRTC (provider of an open sourced API-based communication between web browsers and mobile applications) focuses on two-way audio and video communication in real time that can be used by various industries.
  • It is predicted that products using WebRTC will reach the value of $23 billion in 2025 where North America will lead the market with 40% share. Services with audio and video call are two main type of application involving WebRTC technologies, but highest demand is on real-time video applications which this segment accounts to 57% of the market.
  • SMART HOME — Residents of smart homes have the ability to communicate with visitors through intercom devices.
  • HEALTHCARE — With telehealth on the rise, a teleconferencing between doctors and patients for remote therapy sessions, clinical meetings, and remote observation of operating rooms have already gained acceptance.
  • EDUCATION — There are companies offering real-time collaboration and communication systems for corporate training and online educations without third-party extensions or applications.

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  • "Voxeet is now clearly positioned as the leading real-time collaboration platform (cPaaS) that enables WebRTC with the only highly secure, crystal clear 3D surround-sound, audio and video experience. After being named a Gartner Cool Vendor 2016, we were just recognized as the 2017 “Hot Vendor” in Unified Communications and Collaboration by Aragon Research."
  • "Our API library also enables screen sharing, presentation mode, broadcasting, call recording, translation, messaging, scheduling and more."