Provide 10 most trafficked web sites for CALIFORNIA Women Small Business Owners (Spanish &/or English)

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Provide 10 most trafficked web sites for CALIFORNIA Women Small Business Owners (Spanish &/or English)

Of the 3,622,304 small business owners in California, it is likely that 37.2% (or roughly 1.4 million) are women. The most popular websites and resources used by this group have been compiled, analyzed, and sorted according to Facebook followers. Unfortunately, website traffic data were unavailable because this niche grouping had websites that lacked sufficient traffic for an analytical overview. A full discussion of the research is presented below. The complete list of the websites are provided in the attached spreadsheet, as well as presented below.


Finding the most trafficked websites used by female, small-business owners in California was not possible given the resources provided online. First, the available website analytics tools for this type of reporting do not assess user characteristics or state-based locations; second, the type of demographic and location data requested for this report are behind paywalls or strictly reserved for individual website owners. For instance, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Women’s Business Ownership may be able to track the pages within their own site that attract the most female visitors from California, but because public users do not have access to the SBA’s internal analytics (and the SBA has not published that information online), it is not possible to know exactly how they rank in traffic from women who are small-business owners in California. Given this inability, I also looked for published reports noting the most trafficked websites for California female small business owners. There were no reports that noted those specifications, and this was mostly because many reports lack access to those specific details.

Then, I reviewed California resources targeted to women business owners in the state. I excluded all resources that catered to both men and women and I excluded resources that were not aimed at business owners. Two listings offered a combined total of 55 of the best resources for women entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Please note that I excluded any websites/resources that were also geared towards national or general audiences.

Also, because the SBA is the federal agency offering support to America’s small businesses, the alliance they formed with the National Association of Women Business Owners California (NAWBO-CA) was a major qualifier in this organization, and its California-based chapters being included in the top websites listed. For instance, the NAWBO-OC is the largest NAWBO chapter in the U.S.

Because California is also home to the Silicon Valley tech industry, I checked for best websites and resources for female founders in California. There were two California-based resources (Female Founder Conference/Y Combinator and Women’s Startup Lab) on the list of top accelerators and incubators for women that also seemed to qualify for being popular resources geared towards women small business owners in California.

Finally, I input each of the 35 resulting resources into SimilarWeb to rank the sites; however, each site lacked sufficient data for the analytics to run. Because website tracking data were not available, I tracked and ranked their social media following based on Facebook activity.


All the top resources/websites targeting women business owners in California were compiled and sorted according to total Facebook followers. Full details are available in the attached spreadsheet.

Top 10 Websites for Women-Owned Small Businesses in California:
1. Women’s Center for Creative Work
2. Girls in Tech
3. Women’s Startup Lab
4. Data Driven Women
6. Women Catalysts
8. MotherCoders
9. The Vinetta Project — LA
10. ChickTech SF


To wrap up, although it was not possible to locate the requested resources by website traffic, there were 35 valuable and top-ranked resources targeting women small business entrepreneurs in California that were then ranked by social media followers. All details are available in the attached spreadsheet.[18]

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