Please provide a list of apps or services that people use to consume Mandarin audiobooks. Please note whether they are for kids and whether they are accessible to an English speaking audience.

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Please provide a list of apps or services that people use to consume Mandarin audiobooks. Please note whether they are for kids and whether they are accessible to an English speaking audience.

Based on your request, I have identified a total of six websites, apps, and services you can use to listen to Mandarin audiobooks with your children. While these aren't all exclusive to children's books, they do all include optoins for your two young kids, including fairytales, classics, children's books, and more.

For each option listed below, I've included information on pricing if relevant, whether the audiobooks provide English translations, how and where to download, and examples of the types of books available.

Ultimately, despite extensive research, I was only able to identify six options. This is because Chinese-language information is unfortunately largely unavailable online in the United States; and the majority of information I found was either entirely in Mandarin, linked to untrusted websites, or was specifically intended to help children who don't already speak Mandarin fluently learn the language.

Language Lizard is a website geared towards helping children learn a second language. As a result, the children's books available on this website are extensive, and provide both audio- and physical book options. For either option, the text of the book is provided in both English and Mandarin (or a number of other languages available for purchase), meaning that you can follow along if you so choose.

Each book is priced seperately, with prices ranging from $10 to $20 for each book you download.

While the audiobook options on this website are limited, with only 13 total books available for download, each one is free. While the books on this website aren't exclusively geared towards children, you can narrow the options along the side, choosing a specific genre such as "fairy tales" or "children" to ensure that the book downloaded will be of interest to your children. The audiobooks available for download on this website are provided exclusively in the language chosen, with no English translation to accompany them.

3) Perapera
This website provides a number of tools for individuals interested in learning a second language. The specific page I've linked to provides readers with a list of audiobooks available for download in Mandarin, along with the length of the audio, and links to download both the e-book and the audiobook. The majority of the options linked here are available to download for free. As with other examples provided in this report, this list is not geared specifically to children; however, several books are available which would appeal to your children, such as "Gulliver's Travels" and "Star Wars".

4) OverDrive
OverDrive is an application which can be downloaded, allowing users to borrow e-books and audiobooks from their local library. As with a visit to your library, books can be checked out for free for two weeks, during which you will have unlimited access to its use.

Because I do not know your local library, I'm unable to confirm which books are available in Mandarin. However, after downloading the application and signing in (by using your library card number), you can view and search through all available books. Additionally, if there is a specific book your children would like to listen to in Mandarin which is not available, you can "recommend" the book to your local library.

This application is available for download on all Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac computers. Through the app, users can download a variety of e-books which are available in a total of 13 languages, including Mandarin.

Because Beelinguapp is geared towards helping users to learn a second language, the text of the book is displayed both in Mandarin and English on the screen while the audio is playing, allowing you to follow along with your kids as they are listening. As with other apps and websites provided here, this application is geared to both children and adults, meaning that not every book will be appropriate for your children. However, the selection of books includes fairy tales and children' books which your kids will enjoy.

6) LibriVox
LibriVox is a cell phone application which allows the user to listen to a number of audiobooks, similarly to Audible. More than 7,000 audiobooks are available for download in a number of languages, including both English and Mandarin. The books available are geared towards both children and adults, and include selections such as "A Christmas Carol", which your children are likely to enjoy.

A number of books available through LibriVox are free to download, while others cost approximately $2 each.

For this report, I have identified a total of six applications, websites, and services through which you can download Mandarin-language audiobooks for your children to listen to. For each example listed above, I have provided pricing information, examples of the types of books available for download, information on whether the book is available in English, and download links.

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