Personal Network Impact

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Personal Network Impact Case Studies - Part 1

Three case studies that demonstrate the impact of a quality personal network on an individual's success are networking up with your idols and models, do the work and give instead of take.




  • James Swanwick, an entrepreneur, author and CEO of Swanwick Sleep and the 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge.
  • Mr. Swanwick provides as much value as possible to people in his network without asking for anything in return.
  • You must earn the right to have a genuine relationship at the start of a new partnership. This could only be achieved by giving an insane amount of value.
  • "I’ll cold email heroes of mine suggesting ways they can make more sales. I’ll make introductions to people I know can help them. I’ll share what’s been working in my own business and encourage them to copy it—all while asking for nothing in return. That’s how you get people’s attention."
  • Mr Swanwich reports that by doing this, he built a network of highly successful friends and mentors, which in turn helped him build a million-dollar business.


We began our research by looking into personal success and development magazines such as Success and leading publications such as Forbes. After scouring through these sources, we were able to find pre-compiled data on available case studies that demonstrate the impact of a quality personal network on an individual's success. In addition, since the social media handles of these individuals were provided, we looked them up and it is at this point we were able to back up their success stories and listed their case studies in the findings section above.
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Personal Network Impact Case Studies - Part 2

The personal network of Jimmy Fallon transformed him from unsuccessful in Hollywood to the host of NBC's "The Tonight Show." Ryan Graves became a billionaire after responding tweet to the founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick.


Personality Overview

Overview of Personal Network

  • Fallon was an intern at New York alt-weekly. His boss at the time was Peter Iselin who passed his audition tape to Randi Sigel.
  • Sigel was an entertainment agent for SNL shows and booked Fallon for two SNL auditions. Beyond his talent, Sigel was impressed by Fallon's knowledge of the comedy industry and enthusiasm that she took the leap and used her connections to get him an opening at SNL.
  • When Fallon joined SNL in 1998, he sought to build a relationship with the show's creator, Lorne Micheals. The show's producer, Marci Klein, advised him to seek attendance at Micheal's exclusive after-parties held after each show.
  • When he began attending the exclusive SNL after-parties, Fallon began engaging with Micheals and built a fast friendship. Micheals was instrumental in convincing Fallon to take up Conan O'Brien's vacated seat on NBC's "Late Night." At this time, Fallon had quit SNL five years before pursuing a movie career that did not fan out.
  • O'Brien had a short stint as the host of the Late Night show that led to the return of its former host, Jay Leno. During his time as the late-night host before the O'Brien short stint, Fallon used to seek advice from Leno. In these conversations, Leno gained respected of Fallon as an open and respectful person.

Success of networking

  • In 2014, Jimmy Fallon got the job to host the Late Night show on NBC from the recommendations of Jay Leno and Lorne Micheals.
  • Jimmy Fallon has been an incredible success with each show attracting 4 million viewers each night while attracting a higher share of the 18-49 demographic than Jay Leno.


Personality Overview

Overview of Personal Network

  • Ryan Graves was struggling with his startup in 2010. At the time, hew was recently engaged and working for General Electric Healthcare in Chicago.
  • Soon after, he got a gig as an intern at Four Square business development team lead by Tristan Walker. However, he did not receive a permanent position after working at the company for three months.
  • He spotted a tweet by Travis Kalanick that he was looking for a "business development & product badass." Kalanick was respected in Silicon Valley and had just sold his company Red Swoosh for $19 million.

Success of Networking

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Personal Network Impact - Statistics or Insights

Research that shows that building a good personal network can influence an individual's success in life highlight that personal networks can influence an individual to attain healthy behavior and wellness and personal networks can also help an individual find a good job. Below is an overview of the findings.


  • Success attained in the life of an individual can have many meanings based on the personal objective and goal of the person. Success can relate to an entire project or be limited to one component within that project or task. One can achieve success in the workplace or one's personal life.
  • According to people who are considered successful in society, such as Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, success in life means-happiness, money and power, competing with yourself/self-control, being surrounded by loving people, enjoying one's work, making an impact on society, having a healthier life, and so on.
  • Highly successful people have a habit of spending time with people who inspire them. According to Tom Corley, "You are only as successful as those you frequently associate with" and it is important to have highly-motivated people in one's personal network to be successful.


  • A study published in the Public Library of Science Journal by the University of Notre Dame highlights that a social network structure provides significant improvement in predicting one’s health and well-being compared to other health equipment and that social circles influence the well-being and health of a person.
  • Also, combined with the individual's social network information, health and wellness predictions for an individual achieved 65% improvement when predicting happiness, 54% improvement when predicting one’s self-assessed health, 55% improvement when predicting positive attitude, and 38% improvement when predicting success. This shows that the personal network of an individual does influence these factors in his life.

  • Self-control and being disciplined in life are important parameters for achieving the goals an individual sets for themselves. Having low self-control is connected to diverse difficulties such as "academic underachievement, an unhealthy lifestyle, procrastination and problems with the law."
  • To attain self-discipline and achieve success, one's personal network, consisting of family, friends and loved ones, can help and provide support because they are able to help during vulnerable times when an individual shows their "dark" side, they actually love, trust and relate to them more and can help overcome the phase in a more positive manner.

  • A survey report by LinkedIn shows that approximately 85% of open positions in organizations are filled through personal networking. If a person is seeking a good job, it is recommended to invest time into building one's network rather than invest it applying randomly online.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University report that 70% of all jobs are found through networking and only 15% are filled through job boards as people prefer to do business and work with individuals they know and like.

  • According to a research published in Psychological Science, a journal from the Association for Psychological Science, individuals who implemented well-being strategies that involved others were more fulfilled with life after a year than those who did not. The level of fulfillment of the latter group remained, on average, the same.
  • The research found that participants who were involved in their personal network or social circle with activities such as "helping others," spending more time with family and spending more time with friends showed increased life satisfaction whereas those who reported nonsocial strategies showed relatively constant levels.

Research Strategy

To obtain information, statistics or insights that show how a good personal network can influence an individual's success in life, we sought research reports, publications, and news articles on the topic. We explored various sources such as Public Psychological Science, PLOS Journals, Researchgate, Science Direct, LinkedIn, NCBI, CNBC, Business Insider, Washington Post, Forbes and more.

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