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Number of Employees: NYC

There are 63,498 companies in New York City with 15 and above employees and there are 6,899,266 estimated number of employees working for companies with 15 and above companies in NYC.


  • The total number of companies in New York City that have 15 employees or more aggregate to 63,498 companies.
  • There are an estimated 6,899,226 employees working for companies with 15 or more employees in New York.

NY Employment Data By Company Size

  • In Dec 2018, US Census Bureau released SUSB annual data which included the number of firms, number of establishments, employment, and annual payroll by geographic area, industry, and employment size of the enterprise.
  • As per the 2018 published data (for 2016) by the US Census Bureau, there were a total of 465,139 companies in New York having employees and providing employment to 8,178,455 people.

According to data by the Census Bureau below is the break down of employment numbers by employee count in New York:


We began by scouring through the various government/official sources such as Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics,, NY State Department of Labor etc. These are the most potential and bonafide sources for finding any job/employment-related numbers and hence we tapped them prima facie. While most of the sources gave overall recent employment numbers for NY none of the sources bifurcated the data at the required granular level by employee size. On delving deeper, we were able to locate the Dec 2018 (and revised in May 2019) data by Census Bureau on the employment numbers by various US states by employee size. The data is for the year 2016 (published in 2018) but is the most recent available at the required granular level and hence I have leveraged the same.

We also made further attempts to find a more recent data point at the required granular level by hunting through media articles from Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, Reuters, Business Wire etc; surveys from Pew Research, Census Bureau etc and macro-level research reports from Deloitte, Mckinsey, RBS etc. Unfortunately, using this strategy, we couldn't find a more recent report.

Then, we also searched through several company research databases such as Crunchbase, Hoovers, Owler, Statista etc in order to check if they provided any NY based database of companies. Hoovers did give a list of NY based companies by employee size but used a range of 11-49 employees whereas the requested range was for 15 or 15+ employee firms and hence the same could not be used.


  • From the data presented by the US Census Bureau, we can compute the total number of companies in New York City that have 15 employees or more by adding the individual count: 14,558+36,325+7,901+9,84+568+633+409+284+697+1,139= 63,498 companies.
  • Also, the total number of employees that work for companies with 15 employees or more in New York aggregate to 242,119+1,367,699+1,217,039+316,154+223,607+287,041+231,206+148,489+494,363+2,371,509= 6,899,226 employees.

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