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Marketing Research Events & Conferences

The upcoming conferences for market research suppliers in 2020 are the X4 Summit in Salt Lake City, IIeX North America 2020 in Austin, the Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) 2020 in Atlanta, the Quirk's Event 2020 in Chicago and Brooklyn, and the 2020 QRCA Annual Conference in Austin.



MRMW 2020


2020 QRCA Annual Conference


To gather a list of upcoming market research supplier networking events and conferences, we looked for precompiled lists and announcements of marketing research conferences. Other than The Marketing Research Event (TMRE), we found no remaining upcoming 2019 conferences but found several for 2020. We found marketing research conferences in general such as those listed in Qualtric's list and none for specific target groups such as market research suppliers to restaurant groups, retail groups, franchisees, health and beauty groups, and so on. For the conferences we found, the attendees included participants and speakers from both brands and market research vendors/suppliers. For example, The Market Research Event (TMRE) featured sessions from McKinsey and KFC in the same day. We did not find any conferences or events that featured sessions or tracks for market research vendors that targeted a specific vertical; most of the topics addressed the market research in general ex. software, innovation, new technologies on market research, etc. Even the smaller conferences we found (MRMW and Quirk) focused on general topics such as mobile, innovation and industry trends instead of specific industry verticals or markets such as restaurants, retail, etc.

Therefore, we provided a list of all available upcoming 2020 conferences in marketing research in the US. For the networking events/conferences with no available list of speakers or agenda, we provided the previous event's details for review and comparison. In summary, we provided 5 upcoming marketing research supplier networking events/conferences in 2020 above.

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  • "APRIL 14-16, 2020 IN AUSTIN"
  • "Have you heard of companies like Zappi, Remesh, or MindProber? These are just a few of the companies who have gotten their start by winning the Insight Innovation Competition."
  • "Greenbook is looking for the next big idea, product or technology that is innovating the marketing research and consumer insights industry."
  • "101 Commerce 1Q 20|20 Research "
  • "ABACO Research Absolutdata"
  • "Kaiser Permanente Kantar Kantar Millward Brown"
  • "Aperio Insights April Bell Research Group Arnold Market Research & Development"
  • "Early Bird! All-Access Pass US$1,195"
  • "Early Bird! Brand/Retailer Pass US$99"
  • "Startup Pass US$775"
  • "Workshop: Learn How to Unleash the Power of DIY Market Research by Peter Markgraf (SurveyMonkey)"
  • "Never Miss a Trend Again by Adopting an AI-led Approach by Hugo Amos (Black Swan Data)"
  • "Propelling Agile Innovation: How Kraft Heinz Canada Rewrote the Script by Tanya van Hoeckel (Kraft Heinz Canada) & Lauren Galleta (Nielsen):"
  • "Ain’t No Concept Test! Immersive Research Design to Assess Technical Products by Angela Trilli (IEEE) & Carole Schmidt (20/20 Research): [PDF]"
  • "March 10-13, 2020 Salt Lake City, Utah"
  • "[Sponsors] Deloitte Digital, Bain & Company, Kantar, Ugam"
  • "COME LEARN STRATEGIES & TIPS TO HELP YOU: - improve the productivity and outcomes of market research programs - leverage the latest trends and technologies to advance your research"
  • "Build your network and connect with fellow market research experts and executives from every industry"
  • "Five Elements for Building a World-Class Marketing Research Practice"
  • "Managing Research at Scale: How to Implement Enterprise Wide Governance"
  • "WHEN: 6-7 October, 2020 WHERE: Atlanta"
  • "MRMW is designed and crafted for the consumer insight and market research professionals to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations. The theme for MRMW 2019 is “Powering the Future of Insight Automation”. "
  • "Participating companies in 2019 included: Kantar, Zigzag Research, Embee (Mobile Insight Solutions), etc."
  • "A 20% group discount is available for 3 tickets and more."
  • "Suppliers MRMW provides the perfect environment for suppliers to showcase their solutions, get feedback on their latest technology developments and network with agencies as well as clients."
  • "Brooklyn March 3-4, 2020"
  • "Chicago April 6-7, 2020"
  • "Driving Your Marketing Research Forward"
  • "[Participants] Suzanne Beane • Landor Associates Adam Bendriss Alami • Provalis Research Anders Bengtsson • Protobrand Jim Berridge • Phoenix Marketing International "
  • "[Session] DIY Market Research: How Agile Start-up Culture is Transforming the Way We Grow and Innovate • SURVEY MONKEY AUDIENCE"
  • "[Session] Deep Dive on Purchase Behavior Influencers • BUZZBACK MARKET RESEARCH "
  • "January 29-31, 2020 AT&T Executive & Education Conference Center Austin, TX"
  • "QRCA attendees eagerly embrace practical methods, tools and lessons from fellow members within qualitative and market research in general. "
  • "Business Impact Attendees from both the buyer and supplier side will have more chances than ever to connect with new technology and research partners throughout the conference experience and in the vast Marketplace to determine how to implement new learning from the sessions to life--through strategic partnerships and new suppliers of the latest in qualitative services. "
  • "Partner Spotlight: QualBoard 4.0: The Next Generation in Digital Research by 20|20 Research"
  • "Partner Spotlight: Implications of Blockchain in Marketing Research by Surveys & Forecasts, LLC"
  • "Elevating Market Research Through the Power of TV by Daniel Berrier, Northstar Research Partners"
  • "EARLY BIRD Early bird rates available on or before December 11, 2019 Members: $945 Non-Members: $1395 NewQ: $475 Emeritus: $475 Grad Students: $195"
  • "REGULAR Regular rates begin on December 12, 2019 Members: $1,095 Non-Members: $1,545 NewQ: $625 Emeritus: $550 Grad Students: $225"
  • "Additional Tour and Reception Rates: Weird Homes Tour: $65/person Hybrid Bike Tour: $65/person Wednesday Opening Reception (guest): $40 Thursday Night Event (guest): $65"
  • "NEW MEMBERS: New members attending the conference for the first time receive a 25% discount on conference registration. Please contact to receive your discount promo code before registering online. Restrictions apply."
  • "GDP DISCOUNT: QRCA offers a discounted rate for qualitative researchers in those countries with a per capita GDP of less than $30,000. Information on per capita rankings is available at the CIA World Fact Book. If you qualify for the GDP discount, please email for your discount code which you can apply to the conference rate when registering online."
  • "Market research conferences are a great way to gain insights, strategize new ideas, and network with other professionals in your industry. The experience can be invaluable to your organization as you understand what drives your customers. "
  • "You can also connect with vendors that can make capturing data easier for you, like Qualtrics, who will be at some of these events showcasing our market research software."
  • "Below are 10 market research conferences that you should check out for 2019."