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Daxx, Indigo Tech Recruiters, and Qubit Labs are three examples of the best headhunter/recruiters for python developers in Ukraine with a strong track record and have hired for other large/prominent tech companies. These companies have served over many clients, specifically those seeking rare skills such as python developers. Presented below are elaborate findings on each company, including its overview, claims/unique selling propositions, clients served, and examples of their clients' testimonials.



  • Indigo Tech Recruiters claims to have in its database a total of 62,000 — approximately half of all technical specialists in Ukraine from the middle to senior-level managers. Since 2007, Indigo has found over 1000 IT-talents for over 72 companies in the CIS, Europe, and the U.S.
  • The company uses a six-step process in its recruiting model. Presently, Indigo knows around 1,250 python developers, and it claims it can personally identify the best among them.
  • Indigo has a total of 101 clients listed on its website. Some notable clients the company has served include Ubisoft, Wix.com, Oracle Maxymiser, Cyber Haven, orient DB, and Consensus, among others.
  • Indigo's unique selling points include 24-hour response time, separate recruitment teams for each project, maximum period of 55 days, and triple screening. Further, the company claims that only one employee replaced out of 100 closed vacancies.
  • A testimonial by Vdovychenko Nana, a recruiter at TransferWise, read, “The thoughtful and professional recruiters at Indigo are not afraid of challenges. They energize others with their positive vibes.”
  • Another testimonial by Natalia Zaslavskaya, the human resource manager and chief operating officer at Wix.com, read, "Indigo is one of the most famous IT recruitment agencies in Ukraine."
  • Unfortunately, the company did not disclose anywhere on its website, information regarding their pricing, and costs associated with the recruiting process.


  • Qubit Labs has a talented pool of 5000+ expert coders, with some interested in python and django, and claims to help companies save time spent on recruiting local coders. The company uses its resources, which depend on the hiring company's budget to facilitate recruitment activities.
  • Qubit Labs' claims to offer smart and transparent communication, has over 10 years experience in the market hiring the top 1%, provides custom recruitment, flexible contracts, and that its unique business model can help clients save up to 60% of costs. The company also helps to integrate the python developers into your team.
  • Across the IT landscape in Ukraine, Qubit Labs claims to be among the industry's top talented human resource team capable of thoroughly scouring their vast pool of experts to find clients the most matching python and django developers.
  • Notable clients for Qubit Labs include "DrasticFun, Insurance menu, Roomeze, Nakamo.to, Ubisoft, Nanoreality games, and AOBtravel.se."
  • A testimonial by Till Wendler, head of operations at Nakamo.to, read, “Qubit Labs provided recruitment assistance for tech resources. They took on the requirements and quickly identified an appropriate list of qualified candidates for the role…”
  • Another testimonial by Alex, CEO at Nextem, read, “Recruiting and HR team truly listen to your needs and scout for candidates that fit, you feel real personal approach. They don’t only hire, they also take care of our team, help through the adaptation period, monitor and support the team spirit, and manage the team with our needs in mind.”
  • While Qubit Labs claims to help companies save costs, it does infer to charge a certain fee, which it does not disclose; though, it indicates that costs are dependent on the company's budget.


To find the three examples of the best headhunter/recruiters for Python developers in Ukraine, the research team leveraged information on reports focusing on the Ukraine IT landscape, such as those published by Tech Ukraine, Sourcecon, Unit City, DOU.ua, and IT Ukraine Association. These sources provided adequate information on the IT landscape in Ukraine, including examples of leading tech recruiting and offshore agencies. The team then selectively reviewed the sources with a keen focus on companies offering python developers recruiting services in Ukraine. The focus was primarily on companies offering recruiting services in Ukraine and across Eastern Europe. In this regard, we examined companies that are either headquartered in Ukraine or within the Eastern Europe region. While many companies claim to perform python recruiting services, we focused on those with dedicated python developer hiring procedures. On that note, we examined companies with individual web pages dedicated to information regarding the hiring of python developers, along with their main selling propositions. Most companies surveyed did not openly report on their websites the price they charge clients. It appears that these companies prefer to keep their pricing hidden and only disclose it to prospecting clients. Overall, the companies selected have worked with big tech firms from around the world, are certified according to the latest standards, and two of them are Microsoft Certified Partners.

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