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While there is no pre-existing information to fully answer your question, we've used the available data to pull together the following key findings.

Revenue from event ticket sales reached US$11.432 billion in 2017 in the continent, whereas revenue from catering in the EU reached €523 billion (US$640.85 billion) in 2014. Venue occupancy went up to 24.8 million square meters in 2015 in Europe.

Europe is also one of the fastest growing regions for event management software, for which global revenue reached US$7.57 billion in 2017, at 11.23% CAGR.

Below you'll find an outline of our research methodology to better understand why information you've requested is publicly unavailable, as well as a deep dive into our findings.

In order to answer your query, we proceeded to search for reports, studies and data on the events market in Europe, including numbers on direct event revenue, spending on event services (such as venue hire, catering, decoration, and others) and spending on intermediary online platforms, as well as reports focusing on revenue from event agencies.

However, after looking through consultancies and associations focused both on event planning and travel like Eurostat, UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, EIE, Research and Markets, IBISWorld, MarketResearch, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Markets and Markets, among others, for numbers for both Europe and the EU, our search for comprehensive reports yielded no results for revenue from agencies or direct event revenue.

We did locate, however, data on specific services related to the event market in Europe — namely revenue from ticket sales, catering and event management software (growth figures only), as well as venue occupancy. We list said numbers below.

Please note that all information listed is the most recent available, depending on the specific segment. All figures have been dated. Figures that were provided in euros in the sources have been converted to dollars according to the current currency exchange.

All percentages have been calculated using an online percentage calculator.

Ticket sales for 2017 reached US$11.432 billion in Europe, up from US$9.857 billion in 2016 and with a 65.89% expected growth to 2022, when sales are expected to reach to US$18.965 billion. These sales refer specifically to movie theaters, sports and music events, for which sales in 2017 were US$3.829 billion, US$3.167 billion and US$4.434 billion, respectively.

According to numbers compiled by Statista, revenue from catering in the EU reached €523 billion (US$640.85 billion) in 2014.

As for event venues, a report from UFI did not list revenue, but it did point out that total space hired reached 24.8 million square meters in 2015 (almost 50% of all space available), accounting for 667,146 exhibitors and 67.3 million visitors.

Market Research Software reported that the event management software reached US$7.57 billion in 2016 globally, and it is expected to go up to US$14.45 billion by 2022. The report did not provide geographical numbers, however it did point out that Europe is one of the fastest growing regions with a CAGR of 11.23%.

A report by Research and Markets is a little more conservative in its predictions for the event management software, predicting it will reach US$11.06 billion by 2022, up from US$6.38 billion in 2017.

To wrap up, despite the limited information made public on the events market in Europe, we were able to put together key findings regarding revenue on event ticket sales, catering, venue space occupancy and event software market size in Europe.

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