Job Seekers' Perception of Recruitment Agencies

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Job Seekers' Perception of Recruitment Agencies

According to several reports, staffing and recruitment firms have a bad reputation among job seekers, in general. For years, these agencies "hid behind the fact that they were staffing firms and [90% of job candidates] would rather apply to a job directly rather than through a recruiting company." While this is slowly changing as recruitment agencies are becoming more transparent about how they can help job candidates, the negative perception about these agencies still lingers.

What Job Seekers Dislike about Recruitment Agencies

  • The main thing job candidates have reported disliking about recruitment agencies is how overly aggressive some of them can be when they reach out.
  • As described by a job seeker who used several recruitment agencies, they are like "used car salesmen as they get a commission from you, some will lie, cheat, and even harass/stalk you into accepting an offer."
  • Several job seekers in technical professions like IT have reported being pressured by a recruiting agency to accept a job offer they got.
  • In an Indeed post titled "Are most staffing agencies liars? " several job seekers mentioned the lack of transparency at the recruiting and staffing agencies they have used for job searches/
  • Most candidates stated that they have been lied to multiple times by recruitment agencies about long-term jobs that ended up being temporary jobs and vice versa.
  • In another Indeed Community post titled "All Placement Agencies Are a JOKE," job seekers reported their terrible experience with recruitment and staffing agencies. Most mentioned being contacted by these agencies and offered jobs that had nothing to do with their fields.
  • Some job candidates indicated that they avoid jobs that involve staffing or recruitment agencies due to their lack of transparency.
  • As explained by job seekers, the sad reality about recruitment agencies is that some of them "are working for the employer, not the job seeker so they don't have the job seeker's best interest at heart."
  • Job seekers also think recruitment agencies are "manipulative," "predatory" and "exploit low-income people."

What Job Seekers Like About Recruitment Agencies

  • Not all comments on social media and platforms like Indeed about recruitment agencies are bad. On social media, there have been several posts about people finding good jobs through staffing or recruitment agencies.
  • Job candidates also appreciate recruiting agencies for making them aware of multiple job opportunities they would have otherwise not found.
  • These agencies have made the job hunt more manageable for some candidates.
  • A few job seekers have stated that using a recruitment agency allowed for a more tailored job search.
  • Job candidates also say that they get valuable feedback from recruitment agencies about their resume, cover letter, and nailing an interview.

How Job Seekers Like to be Treated by Recruiters

  • A study by LinkedIn examined what talents want to know when a staffing or recruitment agency reaches out to them. About 69% mentioned an explanation of the job responsibilities they are being offered.
  • Exactly 64% of the respondents stated that the first thing they'd like to know is why the staffing agency reached out, while 52% mentioned a salary range.
  • Around 45% indicated that they'd like to know about the company culture, while 33% referenced role seniority, and another 33% mentioned company mission.
  • If a staffing agency reaches out, more than half of talents or candidates want to be sent messages or job offerings that resonate with them.
  • After an interview for a role they reached out to or were contacted by a recruitment agency for, 59% when to hear from the recruiter only when there's an update, while 42% want to hear from the staffing agency when they are extended an offer.
  • Less than 40% want the staffing agency they have used for a job search with to reach out to them periodically, even without news, while 36% want to reached out to when they are denied a job offer.
  • Almost 80% of job seekers want a recruitment agency to share good news via phone; 65% want to hear bad news via email.
  • Exactly 94% of job seekers want to receive interview feedback from a recruitment agency, regardless of whether they receive an offer or take the job. Around 41% have never received interview feedback from a staffing agency before.
  • About 88% of job seekers say being contacted by a recruitment agency about a job offer can make them accept the job faster.

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