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New ISO Standard - AI Security: United States

To correctly and effectively create a new ISO standard in the United States for artificial intelligence security, a company must contact the INCITS with its standard proposal and be assigned to the Artificial Intelligence Committee. Once assigned to the correct committee, the company should follow the steps for developing a standard, together with industry experts and members of the INCITS.

the process

  • It usually takes three years for the process to be published.
  • The time needed is usually determined from the first proposal to the final publication.
Steps of the process:
How does it work?
  • ISO can develop a standard through a request from industry or other stakeholders (like consumer groups), which communicates the proposal for a standard to its national member.
  • The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is the organization that coordinates the “development of voluntary consensus standards” within the United States.
  • The organization is also known to represent various US stakeholders in different standardization forums found all over the world.
  • ANSI is responsible for accrediting standards developers that establish consensus among qualified groups.
  • There are many Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) that play a role in the US system.
  • This includes the INCITS who specializes in creating standards for technology and innovation.
  • INCITS is segmented into “projects,” each related to the development of a specific Standard, and each project is assigned to a Technical Committee, in this case, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee.
  • It is then the INCITS Executive Board’s job to give the final approval call to the standards in the INCITS process.
The INCITS has several standardization options:
  • First, a preliminary draft is worked upon by various teams to create a standard.
  • This will then result in the American National Standard.
  • After this, various US delegations are then offered by the INCITS to participate in various “Standards Development Arena” designed for information technology standards.
  • INCITS accepts candidate standards made by external bodies for adoption as American National Standards.

Why stakeholders (people within a company or organization) are important

how they should go about creating and then implementing an ISO standard

The following steps are suggested for creating an ISO Standard:

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