Impact/Role of Coaching Programs

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Impact of Coaching programs

According to a study by the American Institute, employees' personal lives, including mothers returning from maternity leave, account for 20% of the stress at work. Every organization should have a plan to reintegrate employees returning from maternity leave to the company.


  • According to research, 59% of employees that come from maternity leave are likely to find other convenient jobs after having their child.
  • Employers are focused on not only hiring but also retaining their employees for the business to thrive.
  • The employee support programs for mothers returning from maternity and executive coaching programs help companies in creating better managers, improving employees personal development, psychological wellness, and increasing employee engagement.
  • Around 77% of employers in the United States provide their employees with employee assistance/support programs.

Impacts of Executive Coaching/Support Program

Improve Emotional Intelligence

  • Executive coaching and support programs help new mothers returning from maternity leave to recognize and process their emotions and understand the effects it has on their colleagues. Having healthy emotional intelligence helps the employees to create deeper interpersonal relationships which are vital for work.
  • Executive coaching and support programs help build self-awareness of the responses to situations at work, while the employees interact with their colleagues and clients. Healthy emotional intelligence promotes positive employee engagement levels in a company.

Better use of Time, Resources, and Improved Productivity

  • Executive coaching and support programs help employees and management to identify the priorities in the organization, time management, resource allocation and assist in the proper distribution of the resources in line with the organization's goals.
  • According to research, having an employee assistance/support program at work can reduce the time lost at work by 33% and lower work-related accidents by 65%.

Better Communication

  • Executive coaching and employee support programs help new mothers at work understand active and reflexive listening, which improves both vertical and horizontal communication at work. With better communication channels, new mothers returning from maternity leave can be guided efficiently and clearly on what is expected of them and on any new work guideline at work, avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Employee support programs help employees to be articulate when expressing their beliefs, positions, visions, and philosophies when communicating with others.

Positive Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Investing in executive coaching and support programs for new mothers at work and all employees, in general, has a positive financial impact on returns. According to a study, the employee support programs improve employee productivity by 60%, increases the work quality by 40%, improves employee satisfaction by 53%.

Employee Retention

  • According to a study, 51% of employees keep their jobs because of the positive relationships they have with their colleagues.
  • Executive coaching and employee support programs provide a guide and resources required by employees, including new mothers, to handle personal life challenges. By offering employee support programs, the human resources and the employer show concern and care towards their employees, which invokes the employees' sense of loyalty to the company.
  • Access to executive coaching and employees support programs empower the employees to have a more fulfilling, satisfying, and healthier lives, aiding employees to retain their jobs longer.

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  • "Various studies have highlighted the financial impact of investing in coaching. A study of 100 executives over a decade ago reported a 570 percent return on coaching investment, with specific returns ranging from $100,000 to $1 million."
  • "Consider that employees don’t leave companies; they leave their managers. Employee engagement is imperative for retention, so poorly trained managers can have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. "
  • "Coaching can improve this aspect of employee engagement by teaching individuals the proper ways to read nonverbal signs of communication. The coachees may also learn how to ask the right questions. That knowledge ensures that they understand the situation and how it impacts the other person."
  • "Employee assistance programs are designed to help employees manage these challenges. Estimates show that 77 percent of employers offer these types of programs to their employees."
  • "It is a counselling and consulting program where employees put forward the problems they are facing. And in return the right set of solutions are provided by experts. Not only does it help employees psychologically but it also helps them improve their engagement levels in the long run."
  • "Employees who are engaged and satisfied with their work tend to stick around longer. Not only can access to an EAP empower employees to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives but offering an EAP as a benefit demonstrates that you care about their overall well-being, which can increase feelings of loyalty to your organization."
  • "Three in five (59%) say they’re likely to switch employers now that they have their first child."
  • "Many companies have great onboarding programs for new employees, but research reveals that almost none give that the same level of attention to employees returning from parental leave."