Filtration Consumables Aftermarket: Europe

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Key Players Aftermarket/Replacement Filters (2)

Key players in wholesale aftermarket/replacement filters for automotive or industrial use in Europe include Alfa Laval AB, MANN+HUMMEL, Ahlstrom-Munksjo, Eaton, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies and Mahle GmbH. We have completed the attached spreadsheet with the required information.

Alfa Laval AB

  • The company provides products and services to a broad range of industries in approximately 100 countries, including energy and utilities, marine and transportation, and food and beverage. They focus on innovations aimed at improving energy efficiencies and emissions reduction.
  • Their annual revenue in 2019 was €4,400,000,000.


With an annual revenue of €3,955,000,000 in 2018, MANN+HUMMEL focuses its expertise on filtration and supports a range of industries and applications including the automotive and transport sectors, agricultural, ventilation and water treatment. Their industrial filters are can be used for light through to heavy dust loads, as well as in hospital or laboratory clean rooms.


  • Ahlstrom-Munksjo offers filtration, nonwovens, glass fiber tissue and abrasives in their filtration and performance solutions.
  • With an annual revenue of €2,916,300,000 in 2019, they service the automotive sector, commercial manufacturing such as food and beverage as well as the industrial sector which a range of filter solutions to optimize energy use and ensure a higher quality product.


  • Eaton offers a broad range of products and services and, among those offered, are a range of filtration systems for industries including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, industrial and municipal water, petrochemicals, marine, automotive, agriculture, construction and power generation.
  • They reported an annual revenue in 2019 of $21,390,000,000 (converted to €18,943,452,441).

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

  • Freudenberg, though operating globally, is headquartered in Weinheim in Germany and has a diverse industrial focus with the products and services it offers.
  • Industries serviced include mobility and transport, energy and resources, industry and manufacturing, healthcare and food processing and household and textiles.
  • For 2019 the company earned €9,468,000,000.

Mahle GmbH

  • A global company, Mahle GmbH offers products and services which focus on engine systems, mechatronics, as well as filtration and engine peripherals. Of their filters, Mahle GmbH primarily offers aftermarket filters for commercial and passenger vehicles. Their goal is to offer filtration products which are compliant with stricter legislation while being powerful and efficient.
  • They reported their 2019 annual revenue as €12,049,000,000.

Research Strategy

To identify the key wholesale players in the aftermarket/replacement filter industry we relied on credible market research reports from a range of research companies including Markets and Markets, MenaFN, Globe Newswire, Graphical Research and Grandview Research. Each of the companies identified operate in Europe and appear in at least two of the reports as major or key players in the sector. We then reviewed the companies annual reports to confirm that they were significant companies in terms of revenue and operated in the required industry.

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  • "The major players in the global industrial filtration market, such as Alfa Laval (Sweden), [...] Ahlstrom-Munksjö (Finland) [...] Eaton (Ireland)."
  • "Top manufacturers/players - [...] Ahlstrom-Munksjo, [...] Nordic Air Filtration [...] Mahle [...] Eaton"
  • "Company Profiles: [...] Alfa Laval AB [...] Mann+Hummel Group [...] Ahlstrom-Munksjo Oyj [...] Nordic Air Filtration [...] Freudenberg Filtration Technologies [...] Eaton"
  • "Europe automotive filter market share is competitive with key players including Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, [...] Mahale GmbH, and Mann+Hummel."
  • "Some of the prominent players in the Europe industrial air filtration market include: Alfa Laval [...] MANN+HUMMEL"