Fashion Company Marketing Tactics

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Developing a website to boost e-commerce, working focused on social media, picking influencers to relate your brand to, starting a fashion blog, and having regular contests and giveaways are the top successful marketing tactics used by new fashion brands.

General Overview

  • Appnova, a creative web design agency, listed the ten most effective marketing strategies for new fashion brands as:
    • Get a website, have a mobile presence, join the social world, attach an influencer to the brand, leverage the latest technologies, personalize everything, remarket to users, focus on visuals, start a blog, and have a contest or giveaway.
  • Uhuru Network also lists market tactics to develop a fashion brand presence as:
    • Retarget visitors with Facebook ads, promotions during holidays, create style guides on the website, run a giveaway on Instagram, work with influencers, make the e-mail subscribers follow the brand on Instagram, involve the audience creating a community around the brand, launch a blog, treat future customers with care, and e-mail a reminder to people who left items in their shopping cart.
  • Who What Wear listed ten new designer handbags to keep an eye in 2019:
    • 1) Ratio et Motus (classic pieces with a modern touch), 2) Wandler (distinct colors, but still extremely wearable), 3) The Sant (great quality of leather and finalization), 4) By Far (founded in 2016), 5) Gu_De (rethink classics), 6) Little Liffner ("Accessible luxury with a playful twist"), 7) Danse Lente (contemporary bags), 8) Mlouye (unexpected shaping), 9) Medea (simplicity and quality), and 10) Yuzefi ("unparalleled craftsmanship").
  • According to Who What Wear, what makes these brands different is that they're unique, and carrying their handbags is a way to look different from everyone else wearing traditional purses.
  • Fashion Insiders selected nine tips to start a handbag line, and those related to the market are creating a unique selling point, figuring out the market placement, defining their price placement, and providing detailed aftercare service.
  • Fast Company told three tactics on how three women are fixing the billion-dollar handbag history by:
    • Creating practical bags for wearing daily, without focusing on what's selling, designing bags according to user experience, and developing the business in a modern way.



  • Making the brand active on social media is another top marketing tactic that is used by newer brands.
  • Social media presence is a must for fashion brands.
  • The platforms are useful to show and sell the products, and they're helpful in building a strong relationship with customers, which can lead to brand loyalty.
  • Misguided is using this tactic successfully.
  • The brand has over 3.4 million followers on Instagram. Through a mix of user-generated content, funny stories, and memes, the company was able to boost 40% of its sales, thanks to social media strategies.
  • Choosing the right networks, facilitating the purchase journey for consumers, highlighting products, and being active replying to user's questions are the best practices when using this marketing tactic.



  • Writing a blog regarding fashion content to create relevant information on the fashion field is a successful tactic that newer brands are embracing.
  • Launching a blog is good to disseminate news, to introduce new products and styles, to offer guidelines for the audience, to organize search rankings, and exposing new users to the brand.
  • Atlantic-Pacific, Chronicles of Her, the Daileigh, Egg Canvas, the Fashion Guitar, among others, are brands that are using this marketing tactic right.
  • For this tactic to be successful, The blog's content must be stylish, cohesive, entertaining, and must utilize influencer's market.


  • Giving prizes to followers on social media on holidays, special occasions, or on random occasions can boost the sales of a newer brand.
  • Giveaways are a great way of developing brand loyalty by acquiring new customers and re-engaging old ones. It is also a way of creating a community around the brand.
  • This tactic can also be used to get customers information, such as e-mail, name, and preferences.
  • Marc Jacobs is one of the newer brands that is using this marketing tactic successfully.
  • Fans used to post photos on Instagram using their clothes, along with the #CastMeMarc hashtag, and the winners could become brand ambassadors.
  • Deciding the brand's goals, finding the most successful prizes through research, giving away some personal products, and making sure to divulge the winner to prove the campaigns are trustworthy are some of the best practices in using this marketing tactic.


The research team found new sources (from 2017 to 2019) mentioning top marketing tactics used to guide new fashion brands to success, which were used in our research. We were able to find only data with no time reference, such as the AZ Central article attached. Not knowing from which year they were, we decided the source wasn't fit to for this research, and that it was better to focus on up to date sources, such as Appnova, Fast Company, Who What Wear, Uhuru Network, and Fashion Insiders. Even if these sources are not specific about handbags, they fit the fashion newer brand criteria fully and provide the answers needed.

To define the top marketing tactics, we selected the ones quoted more frequently among the lists found. Finally, we analyzed the topics and searched answers on why they are considered top tactics, examples of who used/are using it successfully, and the best way of implementing it on newer brands.

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