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Top Event Planning Marketplaces

Marketplace Events, Kapow, Thumbtack and Angie's List are some of the largest corporate event planning marketplaces in the United States. Details about the companies' websites, founding dates, overviews, funding amounts, metro areas, employee numbers, revenues, and key partners are contained in the attached spreadsheet.


  • Company Overview: Thumbtack helps connect millions of local professionals with people in need of its services for their projects. With close to a thousand services to choose from, the San Francisco-based company helps its users identify whatever skills they are interested in finding.
  • Total Funding Received: $423.2 million

Angie's List

  • Company Overview: Angie’s List is an Indianapolis company that provides trustworthy reviews and information that help consumers make hiring decisions in various types of service categories.
  • Total Funding Received: $182 million

Marketplace Events

  • Company Overview: "Marketplace Events creates vibrant expositions connecting enthusiasts with experts, products and services in dynamic face-to-face environments."
  • Total Funding Received: Funded by Five Points Capital for an undisclosed fee.


  • Company Overview: Kapow claims to be the fastest-growing online platform used for booking and managing scalable, memorable, and essential corporate events.
  • Total Funding Received: $1.6 million

Research Strategy:

The research team conducted a thorough search through reliable news sources, media publication, press releases and expert reports for additional corporate event planning marketplaces in the United States. We initially looked into top competitors of Thumbtack and Angie's List but most competitors listed didn't meet up to the requirements for size/depth in terms of being large enough and also being an event planning marketplace. After an exhaustive search, we were able to identify Marketplace Events which attracts about 3 million web visitors yearly and 22,000 exhibitors in 34 marketplaces. We also identified Kapow which claims to be the world's leading corporate events platform. We cross-referenced the two new companies with all requirements and established that they provided the kind of services requested. Then, we went on to consult business directory sources (e.g., Crunchbase) for funding and revenue information. The team also used LinkedIn for an overview of the companies and their number of employees.

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