Clearchoice Competitive Landscape

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ClearChoice Competitive Analysis

Clearchoice, Affordable Dentures & Implants, Hybridge, and 1888implants are companies that offer dental implant procedures and/or services for patients looking to improve their smile. Each company targets patients of all ages that have one or more missing teeth or are unhappy with wearing dentures. A full analysis of each has been entered into the attached spreadsheet.


  • Clearchoice's competitive approach is one team, one location, one price.
  • The company's target market is people of all ages that wish to improve their smile due to bad teeth caused by illness, medication usage, neglect, accidents, or genetics.
  • Implants available through Clearchoice include All-on-Four, multiple teeth, and single tooth.
  • Clearchoice pricing is available through consultation only. However, industry estimates based off of customer reviews indicate pricing for Clearchoice implants range from $1,500 to $6,000 depending on the type of implant and required procedures.
  • Clearchoice is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Affordable Dentures & Implants

  • Affordable Dentures & Implants competitive advantage is its affordability due to its buying power and in-house labs.
  • The company's target market is people who are unhappy their dentures that limit what they can eat or are ill-fitting.
  • Implants available through Affordable include denture snap-ins, full-arch, multi-tooth, and single-tooth.
  • Prices vary by location and type of service but range from $1,500-$2,500 per implant.
  • Affordable is active on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  • Hybridge's competitive advantage lies in the rigorous training and certification process that all Hybridge dentists must complete before becoming a member of the Hybridge team.
  • The company's target market includes people of all ages who have experienced tooth loss or decay and want to improve their quality of life.
  • Hybridge implant products include Hybridge Gen3 or 4, Hybridge XD Gen 4, and Hybridge Zirconia.
  • Prices for Hybridge implants are available through consultation only.
  • Hybridge social media channels include Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


  • 1888implant seems to have ceased operations. Though the website is active, attempts to "Find a Dentist" result in an invalid response. In addition, the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts have expired and the last post on the YouTube channel was five years ago.
  • The competitive advantage of 1888implant was offering patients all the resources and information necessary so that they could make informed decisions about their dental health.
  • It appears that the company had a network of dentists across the United States and Canada that had access to the resources and educational materials for patients.
  • Dental implant products were not offered through 1888implant, however, patients could get a pricing estimate through affiliate dentists by filling out an estimate form. This form is no longer active.

Research Strategy

To determine the competitive advantage of each of the companies, we leveraged information from their websites, specifically information published by the company highlighting how their features and benefits differentiated them from their competitors. Target market was determined by reading customer success stories and viewing customer success videos. These stories and videos were published by the companies on their website and social media accounts, indicating that they were the types of customers the companies served and specialized in.

Pricing data was not published for Clearchoice or Hybridge, as both companies stated that implant services are dependent on multiple factors and can only be determined through consultation. We then attempted to locate pricing data for Clearchoice and Hybridge through affiliate providers. This provided the same result noting that consultation was necessary for pricing quotes. Next, we scoured review sites such as Authority Dental and Real Self. Here we were able to obtain an estimate of Clearchoice pricing, however, no pricing data was located for Hybridge. Finally, we attempted to locate news articles or industry reports that might reveal Hybridge pricing. We were able to find one news article from 2017 that provided a review but a link to an affiliate dentist was given to obtain an estimate. The affiliate dentist link that was provided requires consultation for pricing. While we were able to determine a probable price range for Affordable, it should be noted that prices vary by location and service. The price range provided was an example of one location.

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