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Bernedoodle Breeders

Bernedoodle breeders within an 8-hour drive of New York City that are said to be the best based on customer reviews are New York Bernedoodles, Country Hill Bernedoodles, Quailridge Poodles & Doodles, and King Mountain Bernedoodles. A deep dive of each breeder has been provided below.


  • Location: Clarence, NY
  • Hours from NYC: 6 hours, 11 minutes.
  • Puppy batch: A post added to Facebook by the breeder on July 1st indicates that they are expecting their next batch in October. Contacting the breeder through their Facebook page will allow a person to get added to the breeder's notification list.
  • Are people allowed to visit?: Although there are not official statements from the breeder on whether this is allowed, comments being made by individuals leaving reviews suggest they have personally seen the breeding place.
  • This breeder does not appear to have an official website but instead operates a Facebook page, which can be found here. No other social media pages were found for this breeder.
  • Review 1: "We bought our baby girl from their second litter, and she is the best! Such a loving, cuddly dog. Christina is amazing!!"
  • Review 2: "We got Samson (Aka Frodo) in June and absolutely love him! He is the sweetest most loving pup on earth, and is extremely smart. He has become our best friend and is a wonderful family dog. Christina takes great care in her breeding practices and the health and wellness of her pups, and was able to answer all my questions. So grateful and blessed to have met Christina and would definitely recommend her!!"
  • Review 3: "Amazing breeder!"
  • Review 4: "We bought Charlie from Christina, and it was the best decision, hands down, we have ever made. After extensive reading and research regarding dog training, one of the most important aspects is how the dog was raised. It was clearly evident that these puppies were raised correctly, making it a dream for us, bringing home a new puppy. As soon as those puppies were born they were handled with genuine love."


  • Location: Fillmore, NY
  • Hours from NYC: 5 hours, 32 minutes.
  • Puppy batch: Next litter is expected in the fall of 2019. All current puppies have been spoken for. Individuals can contact the breeder to get on a wait list.
  • Are people allowed to visit?: The breeder's online adoption form notes that adopters have the option of picking up their puppy in-person at the breeding place. There are no statements from the breeder on whether visits are allowed prior to this. A comment left by one individual via a review suggests that the person had visited the breeding place prior to their puppy being born and was able to meet the puppy's mother.
  • Website can be found here.
  • Social media links can be found here, and here.
  • Review 1: "Andrea bred two beautiful dogs. They both have a great temperament. Andrea was a great communicator. She answered all my questions perfectly. She made the process super easy. Our dog is wonderful and we are very happy with her. I highly recommend Andrea."
  • Review 2: "Andrea was great to work with and very professional. She kept us informed through the weeks as our puppy grew. She sent pictures and text messages with updates. The delivery of our puppy was smooth. She was delivered with a bag of essentials to help with our puppy’s transition. Our puppy is full of energy, has a wonderful temperament and is delight. We have fallen in love and couldn’t be happier."
  • Review 3: "Andrea Boone is such a fun and energetic person. Her passion for this breed is truly amazing. She has put so much hard work in making sure both the mom and dad of these puppies are their absolute best and family dogs. I can not wait to get one of these puppies and have them be a part of our family. I highly recommend these Bernedoodles for any family."
  • Review 4: "I had the opportunity to meet Leia. What a beautiful and loving dog. She is going to make an amazing mama to these puppies. It was also great to meet Andrea who has put so much time and research into finding two wonderful dogs to breed. Our family is beyond excited to have one of these puppies join our family!"


  • Location: La Plata, MD
  • Hours from NYC: 4 hours, 43 minutes.
  • Puppy batch: Next litter is expected in the fall of 2019.
  • Are people allowed to visit?: People are not allowed to visit the home (i.e. breeding place) while young puppies are present in order to protect them from outside germs, however, the breeders have stated that they are willing to provide photos, videos, and set up appointments via Facetime for anyone who wants a virtual visit.
  • Website can be found here.
  • Links to social media can be found here and here.
  • Review 1: "Amazing home socialized puppies. Beautiful, healthy and smart. I have 3 of their dogs (and counting)."
  • Review 2: "The best decision that I've made was getting my toy poodle from Quailridge. The breeder is caring of all the pups and is very friendly. The process to get my toy poodle was very easy because communication was always open even after I picked him up. I've recommended Quailridge to two of my family members who now also have toy poodles! I highly recommned if are you are looking for your forever friend!"
  • Review 3: "These puppies are smart -well taken care of -and healthy. I look forward to getting another in a year or so."
  • Review 4: "Quailridge is friendly and professional."
  • Review 5: "Fantastic family who provides beautiful and sweet pups!"


  • Location: McVeytown, PA
  • Hours from NYC: 4 hours, 25 minutes
  • Puppy batch: Based on their website, it appears they currently have puppies available. They are also expecting another litter in August 2019.
  • Are people allowed to visit?: It isn't clear whether this breeder allows pre-pickup visits, however some comments made by previous customers suggest that they were able to pick up their puppy from the breeder.
  • Website can be found here.
  • Link to social media can be found here.
  • Review 1: "Awesome experience! Very professional, (Chanel) our pup was already acclimated to kids and 99% potty trained when we picked her up."
  • "Our Vet said Chanel was in excellent condition, markings were as pictures showed on the website. Chanel is very intelligent per our trainer who works with her during the week. Shows awesome willingness to learn. Just a wonderful experience! I highly recommend!"
  • Review 2: "Martha is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable about her dogs, breeding, raising puppies, etc. We live several states away so she was wonderful to send pictures and answer every single one of my questions!! Our puppy, Penelope Jane (Honey Bear) is everything I hoped she'd be and more!! She's healthy, smart, excellent temperament, already started on crate and potty training. I could go on and on! You get a two-year health guarantee and Martha has continued to follow up with us and answer any questions we have. I definitely recommend buying a puppy from King Mountain Bernedoodles!!"
  • Review 3: "Martha made the process so easy. Answered all my questions and provided updates along the way while we anxiously waited for our puppy to arrive! Oscar flew cargo and came happy, safe and ready for his family. I would recommend King Mountain to anyone looking for this sweet gentle breed!"
  • Review 4: "Martha is sweet, kind and has stayed in touch through the whole process. She is very knowledgeable about the breed and has answered all of our questions and made recommendations along the way. She has taken such good care of our puppy, Marshall, and we can’t wait to pick him up this weekend!"


In looking for reputable breeders of bernedoodles that fit the requested criteria, we first attempted to look for a breeder through the American Kennel Club's database, however Bernedoodles are not featured within this database (likely because they are a mixed breed and it appears the AKC is only focused on purebreds). Although we were able to find various other databases of puppies for sale, it wasn't always clear who the breeders of these puppies were or how reputable the breeders were. Therefore, we began researching breeders one-by-one to confirm whether they met all the requested criteria and also had outstanding customer reviews. While this proved to be a challenging approach due to the fact that many breeders we found that matched the description did not always have reviews available or did not have outstanding reviews, we were able to craft the list of breeders above by analyzing each breeder's website and social media pages.

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