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Information for the companies ItemPIQ (from Swiss Log), SmartRobotics, and Dematic has been added in rows 4-10, columns L-N of the attached spreadsheet.


ItemPIQ, Swiss Log

  • With more than 2,700 employees and a geographic footprint in over 25 countries, Swiss Log is customer oriented with decades of experience in the automation business, smart-tech and robotics and a member of KUKA.
  • The Swiss Log ItemPIQ system is made to reduce operational cost, retain flexibility and increase efficiency in a picking operation.
  • The objective of Swiss Log involves shaping the future of intralogistics with robotic and data-driven and flexible automated solutions that achieve exceptional value for customers.
  • The major features of the robot include seamless software integration, the ability to pick a wide range of products, and self-learning which increases picking performance, and ease of usage.
  • Due to the multi-function gripper, the robot can handle an increased range of products weighing up to 1.5 kg and depending on size, mass, product-to-robot system and storage method, ItemPiQ can pick up to 1,000 items in an hour.
  • The robot is operated around the clock and is capable of picking and placing products from a source into a target bin or carton.
  • Analysis of the working principles of the robot shows that its functions are limited to the e-commerce, retail and pharmaceuticals industry only, which can be improved.
  • Also, The maximum weight limit (1.5Kg) of the robot could be improved and an integrated rolling system is required to bring baskets closer.
  • The company strategy involves achieving exceptional value for its home-based customers with the implementation of its highly intelligent robotics and software technologies.
  • By 2009, the company was among the first to implement an AutoStore system and one of the largest integrators of intralogistics automation while continually advancing competitive technology to reach the demands of today's omni-channel storage and distribution.

Smart Robotics

  • Smart Robotics was formed in 2015 with the aim of bringing about a renewal that is lacking in the robotics industry.
  • The company believes they are masters in flexible automation while employing the smart, safe and simple robotics solution techniques in carrying out their function.
  • In the field of logistics, Smart Robotics developed Smart Item Robotics (SIR) together with Vanderlande, aimed at bin-to-bin and bin-to-belt item picking.
  • Features of SIR include item selection, stacking & positioning, item dimension, optimized picking with SKU teaching, smooth and secure pickup surface, compact item arrangement, and other features.
  • Due to the Smart Software and feedback from 3D-vision, SIR is capable of taking product dimensions into account, allowing for intelligent stacking and positioning of goods.
  • Also, SIR allows for auto speed variation and the ability to switch to manual picking options.
  • With over 40 employees and 3 offices, Smart Robotics has grown at a fast pace since inception and is situated in Best, in the middle of the high tech region Brainport.
  • From the constructive analysis of the SIR operations, weaknesses identified include limited travel ability of the robot as a roller is required to bring the packages closer.
  • Also, the gripper is 3D printed, thereby limiting the weight of the load that can be picked up by the machine.
  • In 2017, it formed a corporation with world renowned Vanderlande, part of Toyota Industries, opening up opportunities for them to enter the logistics market, gaining access to the newest technology.


  • Dematic Goods-to-Robotic Picking solutions combine high-density, secure storage with the high-speed accuracy of robotic picking while eliminating the need for picking labor, able to achieve the highest level of pick accuracy.
  • Dematic products for Goods-to-Robot Picking solutions include case and tote conveyors, overhead systems, sortation systems, mini-load AS/RS, multishuttle, AutoStore, robotic systems, and software.
  • All Dematic pallet fulfillment solutions are powered by Dematic IQ Optimize and Dematic IQ InSights, a master software that manages and monitors all aspects of the supply chain.
  • The AutoStore powered by Dematic is part of an integrated solution that includes receiving and put-away, inventory storage, picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Piece picking robotics of Dematic helps to maximize order picking efficiency.
  • The focus and objective of the Dematic Robotic Center of Excellence is to meet business challenges by developing and implementing integrated robotics solutions.
  • Benefits of the robotics system include minimized labor costs, a wide variety of SKUs, maximized performance with the latest technology, upgraded to protect investments.
  • The Robotic Piece Picking Module selects, lifts, grips, and places items of different sizes and shapes at the last stage of production.
  • From the analysis of the product, its weaknesses include limited fields of practice, much need for other integrated systems with which to operate, inability to travel the workspace on its own, and low weight carrying ability.
  • With its main headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Dematic has about 60 engineering centers operating in 25 countries, production facilities in North America, China, Europe, and Australia, and over 7,000 employees worldwide.

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