Welcome to a new era of problem solving

First, it was about going to libraries, hunting through aisles or chasing down a librarian, and then hunkering down with your pen and notepad to read.

Then, Google hit the scene and it became about experimenting with keywords, figuring out Boolean, and learning how to search.


It’s about the ability to generate – an answer, an insight, a strategy, and even a video, business plan, or website.

So while early decades were about reducing learn time,

This next decade is about reducing labor time.

We used to optimize for proficiency; it’s now about that PLUS efficiency and productivity.

But being able to “generate” means more than just using a new tool: like learning how to search, it requires a new type of fluency – with prompt engineering, plug-ins, and even which LLM or AI-powered tool to use for a given task.
The good news is that this shift means we’ll all get to do more strategic, future-forward, value creation work and far less busy, reactive work.

Still, IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index finds that only 34% of companies are training or reskilling employees to work together with new automation and AI tools.

So that leaves each of us with 3 options:

  1. Do nothing, and hope for the best

  2. Get busy learning, and figure out how to stay on top of constant developments

  3. Find solutions that have done the learning for you, and get back to the work, decisions, and impact you you’re capable of.

Stop wandering, start wondering. 😉