Consumer AI =/= Enterprise AI

In 2024, there are endless ways to answer business questions, close knowledge gaps, and find new opportunities: 

These span...

  • Company and competitor intel

  • Behavioral and attitudinal insights

  • Social listening

  • Primary quant and qual research 

  • Desk and secondary research 

  • and others

But with alllll of these different options, what’s the right combo of tools you should be tapping?

Especially when every one of these requires making trade-offs that no professional should ever have to make just to get the info you need to do your job well?

LLMs and other DIY (do it yourself) technology-led “productivity tools” like ChatGPT, Gemini, Perplexity, the Claude series, and their competitors are incomplete solutions, leaving you with lots of legwork.

On the DFM (do it for me) end of the spectrum, you have:

  • Freelancers and contractor marketplaces, where you have to go through scoping, vetting, hiring, and the process of making sure that you have the right person – and from there, there's no guarantee on the quality that you might receive. 

  • Research agencies and strategy consulting firms, which get you what you need, but are extremely costly – so they’re only usable by a certain part of the enterprise and for a certain class of problems.

But what about all of the smaller questions that innovation teams have, or the random questions that come up that you can't necessarily get an MBB-sized budget for? 

And what about this minor detail…?👇

For consumer questions ("what's the best Thai restaurant in my area?"), you might be okay with consumer AI being right 50% of the time. 

For enterprise AI, that's not okay. You really can't make a meaningful bet on something that's less than 95% accurate.

That’s where AI breaks. 

As part of a16z’s NY Tech Week, Ainesh Ravi (Wonder’s head of product and resident AI expert) led a packed masterclass on how tech-enabled services are transforming the research landscape, so we can all go further, faster, with a lot less time, money, and effort. 

The full set of slides is here and the full 50-min recording is available on-demand – listen back or share with colleagues any time.

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