Stocking stuffers for the curious mind

"If I reflect on why the most successful people I know are the most curious, it's because that journey of curiosity is not something that just happened to them. It's a muscle they practice building really, really frequently.” – On Curiosity and Innovation (Tech Entrepreneur podcast)  

Closing out the quarter. Planning for Q1. Navigating travel headaches. Planning get-togethers. Finding last-minute gifts.

This time of year is a lot.

It can be tough to find time to catch our breath, let alone reflect on the year that was and properly reinvigorate ourselves for the year ahead. 

But we know – and the data proves – there’s a profound link between curiosity and business success. 

Being curious, asking questions, exploring ideas, thinking creatively, wondering regularly, finding inspiration in unexpected places … all of these are the lifeblood of innovation. 

They’re also the first to go when things get busy.

So before we’re back in the throes of endless meetings, chasing targets, and executing against all those great plans we just created, enjoy some fresh air or cozy up by the fire with something from this roundup of the articles, podcasts, books we love for reigniting curiosity, rejuvenating our minds, and sparking inspiration.

Articles & newsletters:

Podcast episodes & videos:


Academic studies:

If you’d like to regularly exercise this muscle in the new year, these podcast series are team favorites for challenging thinking, expanding the mind, and considering diverse perspectives.

Is curiosity something you’re trying to nurture — in yourself, team, or company?


P.S. Curiosity and how we can ask more, better questions to 10x our lives and work are some of my favorite topics. Let's chat if you'd like to chat about either!