Crash course: asking better questions & prompt engineering how-tos

👋 Hi there!

Which is the bigger unlock?

💭 Asking more questions in life and at work, or 
💭 Learning how to engineer better prompts to get the most out of LLMs

Whether the jury’s still out or you’ve already picked a side, we covered it all at last week’s inaugural Sandbox session on asking better questions & prompt engineering.

Over 100 attendees joined us to workshop their fantastic questions and left with a boatload of tips & tricks to try in conversations, whether with humans or an LLM.

Check out the full replay and a few resources you might find helpful below! ➡️

✅ Access the slides here, and feel free to connect with Ainesh, Calvin, or yours truly to continue the conversation.

✅ Become the best question asker and prompt engineer you know by downloading this 🔥 infographic summarizing best practices and helpful hints.

And of course…

✅ Practice bringing what you learned to bring more inquiry and questions into your life. Consider...

  • What % of time do you jump to answers or solutions instead of asking questions or encouraging inquiry?

  • What’s your biggest blocker of question-asking in your life or at work?

  • Which of the tips & tricks shared will be most helpful for you to level up the answers you get from LLMs? 

Let us know what you thought in this quick 1-question survey (or feel free to email me directly - I read and respond to all messages).

More AI and innovation insights incoming! 

We’re so excited to continue tackling meaty topics to help innovators, strategists, and builders navigate this always-changing intersection of AI, innovation, and insights!

We’ll announce our packed summer lineup soon, but here’s what’s on deck: 

  • 6/20 - AI vs. Humans: Catalyst or Competitor? with Caden Jones, Wonder’s Head of Network.  In this fast-moving world where new AI models, tools, and developments surface daily, learn how to identify how and where AI should (or shouldn’t!) play a role within your organization.

  • 7/11 - Innovation & Humans with David Siegel, CEO of Meetup, and Wendy Tsu, Partner at AlleyCorp.  Hear from two industry veterans on how human ingenuity, agility, and creativity helped them capitalize on opportunities and weather challenges to create multi-million dollar businesses.

Not seeing the full series on your calendar? Register here and click "add to calendar" in your confirmation email. If you can't find that email, just shout. I'm happy to help or resend your registration information. 😃

So next Tuesday at 1pm ET…see you in The Sandbox?