Tapping GenAI to catalyze your work

If you’re trying to stay competitive, you (and your boss) have likely been wondering:

  • Why is everyone obsessing over AI and LLMs?

  • Should we be using them in our workflows?

  • If so, where and how should they complement vs. replace humans?

Your competitors are already developing their GenAI strategy, whether to speed up their workflows or deliver more value to customers.

But we know you already have a day job to worry about, so we’re here to help.

From the respective strengths (and limitations) of humans vs. GenAI, to a proven framework for diagnosing where AI should (or shouldn’t!) play a role within your org…

We covered it all in Tuesday’s Sandbox. Catch the recording, slides, and a few helpful resources below: ⬇️

✅ Access the slides to review the key principles and guiding framework you’ll need to get started

✅ Take stock of your, your team’s, and/or your org’s workflows to see where AI can augment – or automate – any steps sapping your time and creativity. Here’s how to start (more detail here!): 

  1. Create a workflow chart mapping the step-by-step process, e.g. to complete a task.

  2. Evaluate whether each step requires human creativity.

  3. Design an experiment to compare the quality of output of humans vs. machines.

We're always game to share our learnings and workshop your thinking with you - if we can be of any help as you think through your org's AI strategy, grab some with us here!