How AI will impact research in 2024

If one thing is true in 2024, it’s that AI will go from “nice to have” to “non-negotiable” — if not for your company, then certainly for your own workflows and effectiveness.

No more “waiting for the dust to settle,” “watching from the sidelines,” or “leaving it to the junior talent or techies to figure out.”

If you’re not thinking about where and how to leverage AI (whether LLMs or purpose-built AI-powered tools) to do more, better, and faster, you’ll be left behind.

But let’s get one thing straight:

Humans aren’t going anywhere.

Humans are just going farther, faster.

At Wonder, we believe in the power of humans. 

So while we’ve accepted AI, we’re all in on IA: 

Intelligence amplification, and the more, better, faster work we can all start doing by tapping into the best of this technology.

To help you prepare for and adapt to this new world, we spent 2023 talking about:

Now, as we kick off another year – one where AI will become the norm, not a shiny new object – we have a much better sense of where and how AI will change the game, especially when it comes to transforming market research.

So instead of spending endless hours reviewing industry reports and the latest research or sticking your head in the sand and ignoring what’s on the horizon,

We’ve rounded it all up for you in a quick 8-min read:

The full rundown includes:

  • best practices for using AI in market research,

  • potential pitfalls when using AI in market research, and 

  • AI services and solutions market research companies offer.

All fully verified and fully cited…by humans 😉. Access it here.

If your team is interested in a custom session covering developments in and implications of AI specific to your industry and workshopping where and how you might be able to tap it to accelerate your efforts, reply and let me know! I’m hosting a limited number of these workshops for non-clients. 

Here’s to a year of AIccelerated growth!