The dark horse of better strategic decisions

Growth can come from a lot of places, but it all boils down to a good answer to one question: 

What should we do?

Big results come from smart bets,
Smart bets come from informed decisions,
Informed decisions come from better information,
And better information (better answers) come from better questions.

But what no one is talking about is that better questions don’t just come from long brainstorms, professional question askers, or lightning bolts of inspiration. 

They come from a rich understanding of the “knowns” – any data, research, or expertise already published and publicly available, whether inside your company or outside of it.

This type of research helps you surface important “unknowns” or knowledge gaps. 

And it also helps you start much farther along than square one, accelerated by knowledge and insights already surfaced by some other team.

Why reinvent the wheel, re-ask question, or duplicate research that's already been tackled?

BUT here's the issue:

If the highest-leverage part of game-changing strategy work is in connecting dots, assessing implications, thinking critically, adapting best practices, and considering current dynamics, constraints, and other important factors… 

Why are we ALL spending SO much time Googling and LLM-wrangling to round up the raw inputs?

After spending the last 3 weeks talking to dozens of research, strategy, innovation, and product execs itching to fix that problem once and for all, I’m willing to bet you’re just like them:

Spending more time collecting the dots than connecting them,
In the weeds of the what instead of the so what,
And trading off either speed or rigor.

The answer is not to skip this step.

It’s to accelerate it.

While we are squarely in the drivers seat, AI is helping us go much farther, much faster.

If you’re curious about how we’re tapping the horsepower of AI to help humans get more actionable, relevant insights faster than any other search engine or LLM can, give it a spin or let’s chat.