A framework for identifying smarter business bets

These days, especially with ChatGPT, ideas are a commodity.

So it’s up to people to transform them into opportunities.

💡The value in ideas comes from the people who are able to expand on, evaluate, prioritize and execute them.

We went deep on extracting high-leverage value from dime-a-dozen ideas and so much more in this week’s Sandbox with David Siegel (CEO of MeetUp) and Wendy Tsu (Partner at AlleyCorp).

Wendy shared some powerful thought-starters from AlleyCorp’s framework for identifying smart bets:

  • Where are the pain points or experiences that could be 10x faster, better, or cheaper?

  • Where is there a large TAM, namely a non-innovative incumbent that’s worth reinventing?

  • Where are there fundamental shifts that will endure for the next 10 years?

  • Where is there an ignored consumer segment we could be solving a problem for?

Catch the full recording here: ⬇️

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